Matthews rant: birthers want to “assassinate [barry] with their lies” (video/text)

August 4, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Hardball ‘Let Me Finish’

Somewhat ridiculous since he never let’s his non-barry guests finish.

Listen to all the assumptions he makes and all the things he gets wrong – starting with “native-born” citizen, illegal alien, naturalization, deportation, birth announcement, standard certificate, race of course (1/2 white being forgotten), birther propaganda and “assassinate”.

What I didn’t hear him say was “Happy Birthday”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Full birther poll results

[Emphasis added]

MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with a stunning new poll that shows only a minority of Americans, 42 percent, believe the president of the United States was [poll said “definitely”] born in this country and therefore, eligible for the office. The new CNN survey released today found that just 23 percent of Republicans believe Obama is a native-born American.

This means that most Americans and three-quarts of Republicans harbor either the belief or suspicion that the president is an illegal alien, that he was not born here, he never went to a naturalization process, and therefore, is a potential subject for deportation.

Well, this will strike many listening to me now as crazy.

Do people really mean it when they tell pollsters that they do not believe President Obama was definitely born in the U.S.?

Do people really believe he was born in Kenya? And if so, to a Kenyan mother, or in Indonesia?

Do they believe the announcement of his birth in the Honolulu newspapers in August of 1961 was part of some long-term, well-executed conspiracy to create the appearance of Barack Obama’s birth on that day which is what it says in this standard certificate you`re looking at released by the state of Hawaii you see now?

Were there people around in 1961 who wanted to create this presidency 49 years later? Who were determined to have someone who was only about to be born elected to lead this country?

Is this something that people who question his birth in Hawaii really believe?

Or is this constant drumbeat a propaganda from the birthers, an effort to undermine this presidency by grinding in doubts about his Americanness?

Is it aimed to disabling his administration politically?

And are the people who are doing this perpetrating it, pushing it day after day by false statements, innuendo and professed doubts, in fact, the worst kind of citizen?

Are they, no matter how much they claim to be patriotic, really the most un-American of people because they really do want to destroy this president, not because of what he does but because of who he is? Not because of where he was born, what his race was when he was born? Or this the big lie they dare not to admit?

They know full well he`s an American. They`re simply out to destroy him personally.

Yes, assassinate him with their lies.

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