Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer, Mohammed Mostafei, arrested in Turkey

August 4, 2010

Ashtiani posts

I guess this is what Turkey’s foreign minister AHMET DAVUTOGLU meant by working and consulting on issues with their neighbor   Iran. Wonder if he ever looked at Ms Ashtiani’s file like he said he would when he refused to denounce stoning?

Bad news.

Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer, Mohammed Mostafaei, was arrested in Turkey yesterday.

This following his July 24th (International Save Sakineh Day) interrogation in Evin Prison, after which he was released. The following day they summoned him again by phone but had already arrested his wife, Fereshteh, and her brother, Farhad Halimi, before Mr Mostafei had a chance to appear at Evin prison.

I don’t know what has happened to them.

Read Mr Mostafaei’s full letter to Tehran prosecutor, Jafari Dolat Abadi, asking for their release. In it he describes the circumstances of his arrest, his family member’s hostage-taking, his willingness to accept whatever verdict for his non-existent crimes and his success in helping save 18 adolescents sentenced to death.

A few excerpts:

Since Saturday, the interrogator for the 2nd branch of Shahid Moghadas has unjustly captured my kind, innocent and tormented wife along with her brother. This is against the principle of ‘crimes and punishments have to be personal.’ Taking my two loved ones hostage is an abuse of his powers and based on his personal whim.

Concerning his 6 y/o daughter:

if you are a Moslem please tell me where in the holy Sharia laws does it say that an innocent mother whose only concern in life has been the raising of her children can be taken away so cruelly.


I leave you and your interrogator at the mercy of God, the creator. I hope that you won’t let my child cry for her mother, not eating food and wanting her mother back. She needs to hug her mother. If through this separation from her mother she gets hurt, it’s a sin that you have committed. If you believe in the judgment day, free the two people who have not committed any sins. It’s unjust and against the our judicial laws to arrest them.

He is willing to accept whatever unjust punishment:

I am asking you, the highest ranking official at the Tehran prosecutor’s office, to guide the interrogator to stop these actions and release my wife and brother from captivity and hostage-taking. You should know that once the court and the prosecutor’s office puts forward a just case for my trial I will appear in court, even though I am completely innocent, and I will accept and endure any verdict.

A very brave man indeed and one the people of Iran needs alive and free, especially Ms Ashtiani and her children.

Save Sakineh Campaign‘s full press release re: Mr Mostafaei’s arrest in Turkey follows.

Sakine Ashtiani’s lawyer Mr Mostafaei arrested in Turkey

According to the Turkish newspaper ‘Radikal’ Mr Mostafaei was arrested in Turkey yesterday, Tuesday 3 August, and is currently in detention. Mr Mostafaei was at Istanbul airport when he was arrested as there were allegedly issues with his passport. Several European countries have already spoken to the Turkish authorities and expressed their concern for Mr Mostafaei’s safety.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has confirmed that Mr Mostafaei is in detention in Turkey and is in contact with him. The UNHCR also stated that Mr Mostafaei has applied for asylum in Turkey.

Mr Mostafaei has received numerous death threats and ICAS is very concerned for his safety and holds the Turkish authorities responsible for his safety and wellbeing.

ICAS has received information from Iran that the Islamic regime is trying to bring Mr Mostafaei into disrepute. The Islamic authorities claim to have found forged documents and banned substances in Mr Mostafaei’s office. The Iranian authorities are known to use this method in order to be able to increase the charges against someone.

ICAS has also received the news from Iran that Mr Mostafaei’s father-in-law and brother-in-law were released last night.

ICAS calls on all European governments to put pressure on the Turkish government to release Mr Mostafaei and to allow him to transfer to a safe country.

Mina Ahadi, spokesperson

International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

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