Wild videos: Solar flare-induced Northern Lights in Denmark

August 4, 2010

Hello Mr Graham.

Here are two videos. One shows the solar flare and the other is a time-lapse video of the resulting Northern Lights from JESPER GRONNE in Denmark.

Solar flare: Sun erupts -> plasma explodes charged particles out of the Sun’s magnetic field into Earth’s. The Northern Lights are due to the charged particles colliding with gases. Different gases = different colors.

Oxygen red and green – Nitrogen blue and purple

Solar flare

Vodpod videos no longer available.


iReport sent in to CNN from Silkeborg, Denmark by Jesper Gronne. He used over 100 images used to make time-lapse video. Wonder what would have happened if the cloud cover wasn’t there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Courtesy of Jesper Gronne via CNN

More photos plus links to photos of the Northern Lights in Lapland, Iceland and Alaska. Some of the green/metallic gold pix look computer generated.

In case the videos go missing.

Northern Lights, Silkeborg, Denmark, Jesper Gronne

Solar flare

ps. Have you heard of a show called Ice Road Truckers? It takes place in Alaska and chronicles truckers ferrying loads back and forth from Fairbanks to the oil wells in Prudhoe Bay. They usually have footage of the Northern Lights during the show. Episodes.

Hope something’s helpful. Check back for more photos.

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