Turkey: Extradition of Ashtiani lawyer, Mostafaei, to Iran “out of the question”


August 5, 2010

Ashtiani posts

CNN spoke with Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer Mohammed Mostafaei (pix), who is presently being held in a detention center in Istanbul.

Don’t know who ordered him held or if it was “random”.

Alleged he entered Turkey without proper documentation even tho no visas needed Turkey <-> Iran.

Says the passport he used is valid and his own.

Why he initially fled:

Mostafaei: I made a decision, after I saw that they were still going to arrest me and mistreat me, that I must leave Iran. It was a very hard decision.

Mostafaei: Despite the arrest of the person I love most in my life, I decided not to ever set foot in a judicial office where the interrogators do not abide by any basic laws.

Brother-in-law Farhad Halimi has been freed.

But his wife, Fereshteh, is still being held hostage in Evin prison.

Mostafaei: Once the authorities in Iran realize I have done nothing wrong or illegal, they will have no choice but to free my wife. She has also done nothing wrong. I am hoping for that outcome.

Mostafaei is requesting asylum.

He met Tuesday with Norwegian officials to fill out “political asylum forms”.

He had a previously obtained travel visa to Norway from the embassy in Tehran.

No official deal made (as of right now)

What does he think will happen?

Mostafaei: You know, I do not know what the future holds at the moment. Either the government of Turkey is going to report me back to Iran, or hopefully I can gain asylum in a third country. I am not sure what will happen to me.

The sooner I can leave this country (Turkey) the sooner I think my wife will be freed. The government of Turkey must act fast and help me with my case. The arrangements need to be made so I can leave Turkey and go to another country.



How many “moderate” Muslim nations have offered Mr Mostafaei and his family asylum?

The same number of countries who have spoken up against stoning?

What is Ground Zero mosque “holy”man Feisal Rauf and wife Miss Daisy doing?

Have they offered Mr Mostafaei and/or Ms Ashtiani and her children and type of assistance?

Wake up folks.

[Read PajamasMedia “Everything there is to know about Faisal Abdul Rauf…” ]

Unnamed Turkish foreign ministry official to CNN:

As you know, he applied for asylum and within a day or two he will go to a country of his choice probably in Europe. Norway is among the options.

His extradition [to Iran] is out of the question.

Iran FM official Gholam Hossein Dehghani, UN meeting in Switzerland, said Ashtiani was accused of adultery and found guilty of conspiracy to murder her husband. Which of course is a lie. They don’t even try to pretend.

GHOLAM: The delegation was amazed at how journals had swayed the public opinion on this matter, but in Iran, anyone who murdered an innocent person could be subject to capital punishment.

Then the people responsible for Ms Ashtiani’s death should all be executed.

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign
International Committee Against Stoning

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