Video: Ashtiani lawyer Mostafaei free, says wife is being tortured


August 6, 2010

Ashtiani posts

CNN’s Ivan Watson reports from Istanbul, Turkey that Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei was released from the detention center and is currently under European diplomatic protection.

Sakineh Ashtiani – Mohammed Mostafaei

Mostafaei had crossed the Iran-Turkey border at the town of Van and then fly to Istanbul. Once deplaned, he presented himself to police officers in the airport and declared himself a refugee. According to Turkish law, refugees requesting asylum must go through a registration process with the Turkish government and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which can takes years.

Clearly Turkey didn’t want the bad press while they’re trying to get into the European Union so they got him out of there.

Iran has no such concerns so his wife will remain detained, his daughter will remain without her mother and Ms Ashtiani will still be executed.

Mostafaei to CNN:

After six days [in detention], I’m so tired I just want to go to my hotel and take a shower. I feel like I’m still in detention.

What is not right with this picture?

Mostafaei, a man, is released after spending 6 untortured days in a detention center (as was his wife’s brother), while his wife, Fereshteh Halimi, (13 days + torture) and his client Sakineh (5 years + 99 lashes + ?) remain in prison and his 7 y/o daughter [name withheld] has no mother and is living with his wife’s parents.

What is getting more press:

His detention and release? Or his wife’s continued detention and torture?

If Norway came to his wife and daughter’s aid as well?

Mostafaei spoke to CNN via phone shortly after he was released.


[hand-transcribed from video translator]

Unfortunately, Fereshteh [his wife] has spent the last 13 days in prison – in the Security and Intelligence wing of the prison – and she is in solitary confinement.

And I think the Iranian government, because they know and they are aware they cannot reach me and that they know that I am out of Iran right now, that in the near future there is a high possibility that my wife will be released from prison.

She is under a lot of pressure right now and her mental state is not good.

They imprisoned her illegally and she is also being tortured.

Mostafaei also said to CNN (not on the video):

Who else will do my work?

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