What’s up with all the “barry soetoro” searching?

August 8, 2010

Hello. Can anyone please share why the sudden curiosity with “barry soetoro” search term. Any info would help. Would like to make sure we’re not linked to some weird site.  Thank you.


Hey Jacqi. Thanks for that. Didn’t know what trending meant.

The curious part of the page:

Who/what is in Herndon?

The CIA?

And you’re right about the search. We’ve been using barry soetoro since Aug 2008 when the birth certificate issue was first raised and putting “barry soetoro” in as recently as two days ago would bring up our links right at the top. Not right now. Checked the first 10 pages of google and nothing from this site was listed. Snopes is #1 with the “debunking” of the Occidental College transcripts. And barrypedia is #2. Though once the searching started in earnest, I made over 400 birth certificate posts that had been public private because I wasn’t sure what was happening. Took forever. Even longer to re-publish them. And am still not certain why the sudden explosion of barry soetoro searches.

Google is definitely censoring “barry soetoro” search

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