CNN Don Lemon’s “Most Intriguing” = LTC Lakin

Not sure what happened to this post.

August 7. 2010

Birth certificate posts

CNN Don Lemon sitting in for Rick Sanchez picked LTC Lakin as the most intriguing person. Here’s the kind of respect Mr Lemon pays a decorated flight physician.

LEMON: A decorated army officer, a doctor would rather face court marshal than deploy to Afghanistan because he has a huge issue with the commander in chief. He says President Obama can’t prove he’s an American citizen. Strange story.

[Not that he CAN’T – the issue is he refuses to.]

LEMON: Up next, the army officer who’d rather risk a court-martial than fight for President Obama.

[Interesting way to spin it.]

LEMON: OK, it’s time to check the list of most intriguing people in the news today. A commissioned officer in the United States army got orders for Afghanistan. He says he won’t go. He won’t go. Says it’s not lawful. Says he’s not satisfied that his commander in chief, President Barack Obama, is allowed to deploy him.

My most intriguing today is one of those people who call themselves “birthers” and believe the president has not proved he was born here in the United States. OK, so show them, Roger, Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin. He is the highest ranking military officer to bet his career on that birth certificate belief.

He said before a judge today in part of the pre-court martial proceedings on some very serious charges, very serious charges — dereliction of duty, disobeying orders — a conviction could send him to prison for four years.

We’re following this case for you, and Colonel Terrence Lakin, a die-hard birther, is definitely most intriguing today.

He calls a man who has served his country and has to answer to two oaths as well as his own conscience a diehard birther. How much more disrespectful can one get?


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