Google is definitely censoring “barry soetoro” search

August 11, 2010

There’s no doubt in my mind that Google has manipulated the ‘barry soetoro’ search results. We’ve been using barry soeotoro to refer to barry since we started on Blogger in Aug 2008. Right now on WP we have 4,836 published posts – the overwhelming majority of which are about barry¬† = ‘barry’ category + ‘barry soetoro’ tag.

As recent as last week our site would be in the top 10 google results with ‘barry’, ‘barry soetoro’ or ‘barry obama’. There would also be the “see more results”. Now we’re nowhere to be seen. I checked the first 25 results pages of ‘barry soetoro’ and not a single mention of our site. ‘barry soetoro birth certificate’ yielded only one result on the first page – about the Az birther bill.

Our original site on blogger (Citizens Against ProObama Media Bias) was also not listed and it has at least 2500 posts with their own barry categories/tags. Which means a very conservative 3000 posts are tagged with ‘barry soetoro’ and 576 birth certificate posts are tagged with both ‘barry soetoro’ + ‘barry soetoro birth certificate’.

So where are they and why did they suddenly disappear?

And how much barry censored info does/did China have access to when they hacked into Google?

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