Day 12 Blagojevich trial – jury deadlocked

Not sure what happened to this.

August 12, 2010

Blago brothers corruption trial

Day 12 jury deliberation

Rob: 4 counts (attempted extortion, conspiracy, wire fraud)

Rod: 24 counts (attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy, racketeering, wire fraud)

Unanimous on 2 counts only.

Don’t know which counts or which defendant they pertain to.


We’ve deliberated and voted on all acts and counts with the exception of the wire fraud counts. We are unanimous on 2 counts – unable to agree on the remaining counts.

Hadn’t even started to deliberate on the wire fraud counts which Judge Zagel told them to do. Wire fraud in this case refer to phone calls made by the brothers.

Note to the jury:

You should deliberate on wire fraud counts to the extent necessary to enable you to decide on those counts. We recognize that your stated inability to reach agreement on other counts may establish to your satisfaction that you will be similarly unable to reach unanimity on the wire fraud counts. Nonetheless, a deliberative decision on those counts should be made even if it is a decision that you can’t reach agreement.

Will update.

No court tomorrow – jury reconvenes on Monday.

Chicago Breaking News, CLTV

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