Iranian farce: Condemned woman forced to denounce her asylumed lawyer


August 11, 2010

Ashtiani posts
Video of interview

As continues the madness in this case, Ms Ashtiani was forced to denounce her once lawyer – Mohammad Mostafaei – who is safely asylumed in Norway while she awaits execution for something she didn’t do and even if she did was already punished for.

Source CNN

A rather imaginative propaganda statement attributed to Ms Ashtiani was aired on Iran’s “20:30” show via voiceover. Gives a hint of how unlikely she would have been able to understand her trials if they needed to translate her own words to her countrymen.

[Ms Ashtiani’s own words from prison (here, here) sound nothing like the following.]

1-In the had no other choice statement Ms Ashtiani claimed she had never met Mr Mostafaei – he says he met with her in prison last year.

ASHTIANI: I tell Mostafaei: How dare you use my name, lie in my name, say things about me that are not true.

MOSTAFAEI: I met her last year in Tabriz Prison, I am her legal counsel. And my goal as her attorney is to help her survive.

And it is well known that he has been her lawyer and that’s why he had to seek asylum and it’s why Iran arrested Mr Mostafaei’s wife as collateral.

2-Ms Ashtiani claimed she was aware of the plot to murder her husband.

Best they could do was have her say she thought it was a joke.

Ms Ashtiani and Mr Mostafaei’s quotes follow.


The man entered my life and fooled me with his words and said let’s kill my husband. He fooled me and said I’ll do this for you, what a bad husband, I’ll take care of you. He was my husband’s cousin, and he said things about my husband.

Then I realized, when I went to prison, he had a criminal record and that this was his third criminal record, and when he said we should kill my husband, I couldn’t even believe him or that my husband would die, I thought he was joking, that he had lost his mind.

When my husband’s mother was at our house one day and I went to get her medicine, I saw him there with all the tools he had bought, including electrical tools, wires and gloves. Then he killed my husband by connecting him to electricity with the electrical wires. He had told me beforehand to send my kids to their grandmother’s house.

How do they expect people to believe such ridiculousness?

She was tried in relation to her husband’s murder and was acquitted. Imagine that – 2 male judges in Iran found a woman not guilty of something. And it will be those two judges who will have to answer why they let an innocent woman be executed – by whatever means.


It’s natural that she will do whatever the authorities tell her to save her own life. They are putting a lot of pressure on her to be on television. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so crucial to carry out such an act. The lawyer of a person who is facing the death penalty is the person who knows the most information about the case. He is the defending attorney. The lawyer can comment on the case, not the defendant.

’20:30′ is a program that is controlled by the intelligence services in Iran. Even IRIB [Iranian state television], they don’t have any control of this program. And the point of having this program is the character assassination of people. In this program, many reports are not real.

What is important is the sentence to stone this innocent woman to death. She should not be stoned to death. And this is what the international community is demanding as well. This is the main subject that the Iranian state TV broadcast and the judiciary system did not address.

The three American hikers were mentioned as a possible reason why the West was pushing Ms Ashtiani’s story.

Story not being explored:

Why is a country that finds nothing wrong with stoning another human being to death allowed a position on the UN Commission on the Status of Women?

* Here’s the press release from MINA AHADI re: Ms Ashtiani’s alleged words.

Two snippeta:

We maintain it is evident that such masquerades have not only been already revoltingly exposed to the human mind around the world but also long since managed to bring up only the innermost humane abhorrence and anger in it. And worldwide abhorrence and anger cannot help but deepen and widen in this case as long as committing and masquerading state crime continues in general in Iran.


In summary, we call on one and all of civilized humanity to stand up to the latest crime committed by regime against the person as well as the human rights of Sakineh, and remain absolutely steadfast in their defense of her.

Steadfast we remain. Iran can no longer (politically) afford to execute Ms Ashtiani. Doesn’t mean they won’t.

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign
International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

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