Ms Ashtiani’s son Sajjad’s letter to the UN: “Our Mother is not a murderer”

August 13, 2010

Ashtiani posts
Mina Ahadi letter to UN Secretary General

Hello NoMoreStoning-

Here’s the letter from Ms Ashtiani’s son, Sajad Qaderzadeh, to the UN requesting a committee be sent to Iran to investigate his mother’s criminal files.

Who would the UN send? The UN Commission on the Status Women which includes Iran?

Wish the Campaign to Save Sakineh website that these press releases come from would put together a fact sheet on Ms Ashtiani. She is either 42 or 43, her daughter 16 or 17, her son 20 or 22. And then list what the charges were on what dates, appeals, what Mostafaei actually did, a family photo of the 3 together, the correct spelling of their names, did the 99 lashes take place in one day, how much prison time was she initially sentenced to, etc. They supplied some of the criminal records but they were in Farsi. Maybe it is somewhere but I haven’t found it.

Why haven’t we heard from his sister?


Sajad Qaderzadeh’s Letter to the United Nations

[As was]

For doing justice to our Father our Mother is being executed

Our Mother is not a murderer

Do not let her be executed.

For five years we have endured the nightmare of our mother being stoned.

There has been news of our mother’s crime- adultery, everywhere and that she would be stoned.  This frightful word has been continuously repeated in connection with our Mother.  This has made us cry day after day and wonder how we would live without her.

Time after time we tried to help our Mother.  We searched different avenues.  We found people who we thought might be able to help us.  We wrote letters saying, ‘do not let the pain of our Mother’s death add to our already painful lives’.  I do not know why nobody listened.  Perhaps there are people who enjoy seeing our Mother suffer and us having dark nightmares.

Two months ago we heard that all possibilities were closed and our Mother may be stoned soon.  Our last option was to ask people of the world to help us.  Now that many people internationally talk about our Mother and her fate, this has given us positive support.  Suddenly the situation has changed.  Our Mother’s crime is murder now and death sentence.

This is not true.  Whatever she says now it is because of being captured and the nightmare of stoning and the death sentence.

This is not acceptable.

We know that our Mother is not a murderer.  Our Father’s murder file has been looked into and someone else has confessed.  The file is closed now; all the files are there to be seen.

Now, how is it that the government sources want to open the files and judge our Mother a murderer.  It looks as thought to be fair to our Father they want to kill our Mother.  What sort of justice is this?

In order to look at this situation impartially, we ask the United Nations to send a committee to Iran to look at all these questions.

Sajad Qader Zadeh (Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son).

Publication of international committee against stoning and international committee against execution

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign

International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

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