Blago guilty 1 count, hung on 23


August 17, 2010

Sources: Chicago Breaking News & NBC 5 News

After 14 days of deliberation, the Blagojevich jury has found Milorad guilty on 1 charge – making false statements to the FBI when he told them that he did not track political contributions – which carries a max of 5  years in prison.

Don’t know the split of the jury. They had asked for a copy of their jury oath before they came back with the verdict.

Rod Blagojevich (L) – see I told you the truth would come out….I’m gonna appeal the conviction.

ROD: Notwithstanding that the government threw everything but the kitchen sink at me, and on every charge except for one, on every charge except for one, they could not prove that I did anything wrong – that I broke any laws except one, a nebulous charge from five years ago. I did not lie to the FBI. I told the truth from the very beginning.

We have a prosecutor who has wasted and wanted to spend tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to keep persecuting me, persecuting my family, take me away from my little girls as well as take my home away from us.

We’re going to continue the fight. And again, I just want to express my gratitude to the men and women of the jury and remind the people of Illinois – I didn’t let you down.

Blago was given a hero’s welcome on his arrival home. He looked like he was back on the campaign trail. Outside his home:

They told you they were stopping a crime spree before it happened and ultimately when they had a chance to prove his case they couldn’t prove it. I didn’t let the people of Illinois down, as I said all along.

Blago’s brother Robert (R) – jury hung on all 4 counts – feels bad for himself and his brother.

ROB: I have lived through the most surreal experience anyone can live through. I spoke honestly and truthfully and answered the questions forthrightly…. I feel strong, I feel confident and I don’t feel in any way deterred in my ability to articulate my innocence.

Prosecutors plan to retry Blago “as soon as possible”. Patrick Fitzgerald – the man behind the dawn arrest of Blago and subsequent theatrical press conference.

FITZGERALD: They could not agree that we had proven or not proven those counts. And as you know, we intend to retry those charges in the near future.

We just have to step back and recognize how important jury service is and how much we owe a debt of gratitude to those jurors and that’s it. That’s all I want to comment on. We’re about to get ready for a retrial and so we’ll make no further comments.

Some one asked him: Where’s the peoples’ money to retry this? And he kept walking.

Blagos lawyer’s went off on Fitzgerald.


We didn’t even put a defense on, and the government couldn’t prove his case.

I understand he’s got an important job, but why are we spending $25-30M on a retrial if you couldn’t prove it the first time!


The man comes down here and tells you: ‘I stopped a crime spree. Lincoln is rolling over in his grave’ and he tells you all that and sets the curse against this man.

Ask Scooter Libby – this man has gone wild! This guy is nuts!

Judge Zagel set an August 26 hearing to decide the timing of the retrial, which at this point is about the prosecution saving face.

Don’t know what they plan on doing with Patti Blagojevich – who didn’t stand when the Judge said “all rise” for the reading of the verdict.

How much did this trial cost and how much is the retrial going to cost?

At this point blago’s money has dried up and we as taxpayers are going to end up paying for his defense in the retrial. And Blago hasn’t even begun to talk about his impeachment proceedings, which should never have happened.

Sam Adam Sr and Jr have to keep blago away from the press. What he says now is going to affect the next verdict. People are tired of hearing him protest his innocence. Go away, be quiet and pray Illinoisans become outraged at the cost of a retrial.

As a Chicagoan, I say leave Blago alone. He did nothing Chicago politicians haven’t always done (and are still doing – including in the WH). He has no political future, no money, no job and he has been vilified in the press for close to 2 years after being left out of all the campaigning/festivities surrounding barry’s “election”.

Still unanswered question: Where is Tony Rezko?

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