MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “birther movement” started with Taitz, 9-11 mosque “Islamic b-ball court/cooking school”

August 18, 2010

9-11 mosque, birth certificate posts

Rachel Maddow sub Chris Hayes of The Nation certainly has all the barrymedia propaganda down. He took on the mosque and then went on to the deathers and birthers.

These are the type of words that keep the anger alive.

HAYES:  For centuries, a cult of eccentrics and amateurs and self-appointed scientists in the Middle Ages tried and failed to turn inexpensive metals like lead into gold.  Now, in the environment of 21st century media apparatus, the political right has figured out how to do this.  They have succeeded in a very special kind of alchemy—it‘s an alchemy that is able to transmute totally crazy, trivial, ginned up fake stories into media-captivating national debates.

Who gives the stories press, who has refused time after time to vet barry, and who still has no idea what the “birther” issue entails?

And after mentioning the mosque, barry’s non-Muslimism and Andy Martin – he moves on to the “birthers”.

HAYES: We saw similarly bizarre origins when we traced back the birther movement that began with famed dentist/realtor/lawyer Orly Taitz, whose $20,000 fine for filing for those lawsuits was just upheld by the Supreme Court. Somehow, even with Orly Taitz as the conspiracy theory movement‘s advocacy-in-chief, birtherism managed to make its way to the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

They did a good job at the Nation didn’t they?

Taitz glommed on to the “birther movement” after it was started by barry’s fellow Democrat Phil Berg. I don’t know Taitz’s official affiliation – but one thing is for sure – she is not a Democrat. But Dems starting the birther movement doesn’t fit the barrymedia narrative that it’s a right wing conspiracy. And it cannot be called a conspiracy until barry’s actual physical birthplace is known and it is not.

Here Hayes refers to the mosque – which it is – a Islamic basketball court/cooking school. First time I’ve heard of the cooking school. The mosquites are as shameless in their pandering as barry is.

HAYES:  This latest bit of wingnut alchemy is no different.  Meet Pamela Geller, perhaps the original metallurgist who set herself with the task of transmuting the lead of an

entirely noncontroversial Islamic basketball court/cooking school

in Lower Manhattan into a tectonic symbol of the eternal clash of civilizations between Islam and the West.

How is a basketball court/cooking school an issue of First Amendment rights?

Can’t have it both ways.

And if it really is not a big deal – why the need to camouflage it’s true purpose by calling it something else?

And as for as it being a memorial to 9-11 – nothing was included in the initial plans.

As far as the location not mattering – why wouldn’t they even talk with Gov Paterson about another location?

As far as it being about “outreach” – besides not being willing to reach out to Gov Paterson, they are not allowing other religions to be individually represented. As in no separate Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American or tribal religion “prayer spaces” .

And what hasn’t the barrymedia touched on?

The name ‘Cordoba’, the need for it to be 13 stories and the man behind the mosque – starting with why his book has two titles.

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