WH releases blurred view of barry’s passport


August 18, 2010

Birth certificate posts

This is beyond hilarity. Ask barry for a birth certificate – he puts a fake COLB on line. Use Freedom of Information Act to get passport information about barry’s mother and the WH puts out a little video showing barry’s blurred passport. Why are government employees and factcheck.org employees able to see things that the rest of us cannot and why are we to believe these people?

WH Blog: “Find out whether the President gets stamps in his passport”

WH video on youtube

I don’t have a passport and have been unable to find a blank copy so here are some questions.

  • How long has barry had a diplomatic passport…since the days of Stanley Ann’s lost passport application.
  • Difference between a black diplomatic passport and a blue non-diplomatic passport.
  • Social Security Number
  • Suffixes like Jr, Sr, II
  • When this photo was taken
  • What does “see page 51” mean
  • Blurred dates of issuance and expiration.

Curious Manson location of the red star.

So why the need to blur anything?

And if it really were all about the stamps – why show the whole procedure of where barry’s passport is located and pretend as if a million folks have access to it?

And the most important part of this screenshot is in black and white: “POTUS PassportS” as in plural. How many more are in there?

A copy of his passport application would be much more revealing, which is why his mother’s went missing.

Among other things, he would have to state the place of his birth and whether he has ever gone by another name like barry soetoro or barry soebarkah.

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