Condemned Iranian woman: “I cannot stand being in prison anymore”

August 24, 2010

Ashtiani posts

Save Sakineh campaign press release: thanks to supporters, a few words from Ms Ashtiani, and yet another hearing this week – tomorrow. Hard to believe Iran would do anything with the DC press conference coming up on the 26th and the “100 Cities of the World Against Stoning” protest on the 28th.

Ms Ashtiani to her children:

I cannot stand being in prison anymore.

I keep asking myself whether I can be released from prison soon.

I wish I could get out of here quickly.

She’s been imprisoned for almost 5 years after receiving 99 lashes.

FARSI video: Ms Ashtiani son Sajjad’s message – will post if it becomes available with an English translation.

Why aren’t we hearing from his sister Saideh?


Save Sakineh Press Release No49

A note to Sakineh’s supporters

ICAS and ICAE want to thank people across the world and the many organisations who have expressed their support and have taken action to save Sakineh Ahstiani.

In a conversation with her children the other day, Sakineh said: ‘I cannot stand being in prison anymore. I keep asking myself whether I can be released from prison soon.  I wish I could get out of here quickly.’

Our movement and our actions must continue until we free Sakineh. This coming Saturday, 28 August, in ‘100 Cities of the World against Stoning’  we will again be showing our opposition to stoning in Iran and anywhere else and we will stand together to push for the immediate release of Sakineh Ashtiani.

Once again the High Court in Tehran has postponed making a decision in Ms Ashtiani’s case and has moved the court hearing to this coming Wednesday. The verdict in Sakineh’s case however, will not be a judicial one but a decision taken by politicians. Stoning sentences and executions are political tools employed by the regime against the people of Iran. The fight against stoning is a fight against the barbarity of the Islamic regime of Iran. The fight to save Sakineh is a fight against stoning and for all prisoners on death row.

Mina Ahadi

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign
International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

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