Video: Muslim soldier refusing to deploy to Afghanistan


August 26, 2010

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Be interesting to see how the Pentagon handles this case in comparison to LTC Terry Lakin.

20 y/o PFC Nasser Abdo, an infantryman assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, KY is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. He enlisted in 2009 and just now says he can’t serve because of his faith even though he was of the same faith when he enlisted.

Kinda reminded me of Orly Taitz’s Major Cook.

I watched this video and it seemed clear he volunteered so he could do what he is doing now. There was no emotion in his voice – he was reciting things. And sure enough, he has an entire website set up with a story that makes no sense bolstered by scripture, a video interview with al Jazeera in Arabic, and yes, you guessed it, a PAYPAL button.

All you need to read:

…his unit has instead decided [he took an oath] to try to force him [he voluntarily took an oath] to deploy to Afghanistan [a job he voluntarily took].

We are urging all people of conscience [as in doing the job he voluntarily swore to do] around the world [propaganda alert] to stand in solidarity [what does this translate to in Arabic] with [insert name].

The world needs to stand in solidarity with REAL PROBLEMS in the Muslim world.

Women executed while standing peaceably in the street. Women being condemned to death for crimes they did not commit. Little girls raped to death by their “husbands”. Teenage girls buried alive by their grandfathers, stabbed to death by their fathers and stoned to death in the street by strangers.

Not a bogus meant to incite complaint made by a man who volunteered for the job he now refuses to do.

Has he given any thought to what he is doing to his fellow Muslim servicemembers?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


When does anyone take personal responsibility for their own failure?

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