Hey Jacqui-

As of right now, you are the one and only person I know who reads this blog despite 436,117 hits. So I’ve decided to post whatever I want in whatever order I want in whatever state of completeness I want and whatever level of controversy. Things are so crazy in America that even IT guys are refusing to help me with my computer. There is a level of sadness there I cannot even broach.

There are 5050 posts published and 5537 drafts that have not. Some very important things have not been posted that need to be even if they are not recent. For example, I watched a video the other day of 2 young boys being beaten to death by a mob of men in Islamic Republic of Pakistan for a crime — if one even occurred — that doesn’t even matter.

What can children ages 9 and 11 do to warrant their beating, stomping, kicking, dragging deaths that culminated in their being hung upside down for public display in a fully developed city with hundreds of men watching, including the police?

The most – I can’t even find a word – about the video: a young boy of 8 maybe was WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACKing one of the boys with a stick even as he laid already dead on the ground and not a single adult man cared to stop him. They were cheering him on. The look on his face was more grotesque and just as dead as the caved-in faces of the little boys. It reminded me of the HATE in the face of the little Muslim girl in the London protests after the Iran “elections” last year. Children are not born that way – they are created by their “parents” and their “religion”. Proof positive that the next generation of Muslim murderers have already arrived and that nothing mosque protesters do in NYC is going to affect that.

And what does the US media find worthy of talking about?

The 9-11 mosque that has nothing to do with First Amendment rights and something that no one can stop being built at this point. All the while the horrific – and I mean horrific in every sense of the word – murders of two beautiful young souls in a Muslim country go unnoticed and unoutraged by the American media which has voluntarily allowed themselves to become a propaganda tool.

Even as the mother or mothers (I don’t know the children’s names or if they were brothers) grieve the utterly senseless and savage deaths of their innocent children, Chris Matthews did his entire show with “ISLAMAPHOBIA” on the screen. Not a word about Sharia law. Not a word about the still unpunished, uninvestigated execution of Neda Agha Soltan, who was shot simply because she was a beautiful woman. Not a word about the upcoming execution of Sakineh Ashtiani, whose children are no longer being allowed to see her prison where she has been for 5 years after surviving 99 lashes for a crime she did not commit and even if she did was already punished for. Not a word about the ongoing human rights abuses in Iran, who was given a seat on the UN Commission on the Status of Women, even as barry sends the UN a report of the human rights abuses in the US.

The madness of it all is too much to take at times. And then I realize that to not speak is to abandon the women and children unable to speak who are right this second being savaged under Sharia law – something I have not once heard mentioned in the press in the 9-11 mosque stories – which is what that evil man behind the mosque (and even eviler wife) equate to the US Constitution.

In some ways I am happy my father and uncles and the majority of “The Greatest Generation” are no longer with us. The shame of what we are allowing to happen after the sacrifices they made for the US and the world is too great. I feel the same about Mr Cronkite when I watch MSNBC and CNN tell lie after lie after lie while spewing barry propaganda.

This probably answers more than you wanted to hear. I will post whatever birth certificate/eligibility stuff I can find in the posts but I have to first post about the Save Sakineh protests ongoing today and the DC press conference 2 days ago. I sincerely appreciate your readership and the fact that you take the time to comment. Celebrate freedom today for tomorrow it is not guaranteed…even in the US.

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