Rick Sanchez calls barry “the cotton-pickin’ president”


August 30, 2010

Birth certificate posts

It’s clear he didn’t mean it in any derogatory fashion but imagine if Sarah Palin or someone from FOX said it.

But what he said before it was just as interesting. He was talking with Jessica Yellin about barry’s interview with Brian Williams — specifically about the segment where barry blames the media for people not knowing his religion. barry brought up his birth certificate saying he can’t go around with it plastered to his forehead. A simple copy posted on the internet would be fine. Sanchez (who beleives that COLB is a “birth certificate”) mentions the BC as a means to prove religion – something I hadn’t thought of before. Though I just looked at the Nordyke long form and couldn’t find a slot for religion.

Relevant transcript follows

SANCHEZ: Take us — take us now through what is being described as the president becoming defensive this weekend in that interview with NBC. I mean, not only did he talk about — look, what do I have to do? Go around with my birth certificate pinned to my forehead to get people to stop believing that I’m a Muslim?

YELLIN: Well, first of all, on the Muslim question, this — this is the first time he’s talked about it since the polls showing how many Americans believe him to be Muslim came out. And so, these are first comments from him. He is right. It came up a lot during the campaign. I was covering him and there were endless e-mails voters were getting from, you know, a friend was e-mailing something that another friend has sent saying that he’s Muslim. And people would come up to me and asked me about it on the trail. So, you get the sense that he’s been sort of through this. He wants to set the record straight, but he really does seem to accept that he’s not going to convince everyone and he’s not going to spend a lot of time and energy on something that’s not going to change. There’s a certain amount in American public that’s going to believe — go ahead.

SANCHEZ: You know, I’m sitting here just shaking my head. He is the cotton-pickin’ president of the United States.

[And then he gets to the real issue – why hasn’t barry come out himself and said here is my birth certificate. WND is already printing up headbands and bandannas with “Where’s the birth certificate?”]

SANCHEZ: If the president of the United States doesn’t have enough of a bully pulpit to convince people of a lie — that a lie is a lie, I should say, then, you know, where are we? What kind of planet are we living on? What the hell is going on here?

[Shock – Yellin brings up Pres Bush and how folks didn’t believe him either.]

YELLIN: Well, there will be a certain, I suppose — I’m sure there are a certain number of people who just don’t buy it. You know, there are people who didn’t think George Bush was telling the truth. You know, there were all those bumper stickers that said George W. Bush is a liar. So, maybe there’s a certain amount of the population, they accept, that just you’re never going to reach ’em and that’s how it is.

SANCHEZ: But here’s the point — I can understand 5 percent. I can maybe understand 10 percent. I can maybe understand 15 percent. We’re talking about, what was the latest number — a third of the American people or more?

YELLIN: I think — there’s — it depends who you ask. I think our polling had 18 percent. Look, we keep reporting — he keeps saying it’s something that you’ve got to just sort of accept at some point is and move on. We tell the facts. We’ll continue to tell the facts like they are.

SANCHEZ: Yes. Yes. Well, look, it’s as much as it is our job, it’s also the White House’s job, right? I mean, if — I guess it comes down to this question. And this is just a matter, I suppose, of common sense that people can figure out….

[And they have been doing “their job” of pushing the partyline aka “the facts like they are” and that’s why folks are so angry.]

SANCHEZ: But if I was the president of the United States and someone was just making a bold-faced lie like that one about me, would I impetus be to have a news conference, to stand on top of the highest mountain, as my mom and dad always use to say, and just tell the truth? And it’s frustrating as Americans, as we look at all these things. Whether it’s a lie about a Republican or a Democrat or whoever the heck this is going on about, it’s difficult to look at it and say what a shame that it can’t be remedied, that it can’t be fixed. You get my drift?

YELLIN: I do. I do. You know, they blame us for talking about it so much. So, go figure.

[Then Yellin mentions the birth certificate.’

YELLIN: You know, I’ll also say that the president has joked about it. You know, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last year, he made a joke about the hardest — something like the hardest thing to lose in life is love — well, and your birth certificate.


YELLIN: So, they, you know, they have a sense of humor about it. They know what’s what and at a certain point, they feel like it’s — you know, they got to focus on what matters, the economy, the wars, et cetera. And, you know, hit this and move on.

SANCHEZ: It makes a lot of sense.

YELLIN: It’s their view.

SANCHEZ: I know. It’s just one of those things that was worth amplifying, I suppose. We had a lot of those things that we can talk about, but it’s interesting that the president would address this the way he had.

[When he returned from commercial, he apologized.]

SANCHEZ: This is great. This is what works about having a conversation with my viewers throughout this newscast because you know that I’m here on Twitter and I read what you write during the commercial breaks. And many of you are pointing out a fault that I just — a faux pas that I just made and I want to apologize for it because I obviously didn’t mean any disrespect or anything when I said that.

But I was having that conversation with Jessica Yellin and I think I said something to the effect: it’s so frustrating that people are lying about the president of the United States, that people are saying these things and it seems like he is defenseless to try and deal with it, although this weekend, the president came out and defended himself.

And we had a very ample conversation about what it is that the president did, what he didn’t do, what his detractors say about him and what he can or can’t do. In the middle of that conversation at one point, I said, why — why can’t the president of the United States seem to figure this out? After all, he is the cotton-pickin’ president of the United States.

Well, soon after I said that, I started getting some tweets from some of you saying, you just said cotton-pickin’ president of the United States about the first black president of the United States? You not even realized it. I was just saying cotton-pickin’ because it’s a term that I’ve used because I grew up in the south. It’s a point that’s often used to illustrate frustration. Not in any way shown to use — used to show any kind of disrespect.

However, I apologize nonetheless for using it, in case it was taken by anyone as an act of disrespect.

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