Video: barry says criticism of his slow BP response is “just not accurate”

August 30, 2010

BP oil spill posts

Brian Williams did an interview with barry for his coming out party after a week in the sun. Here’s the entire interview (MSNBC video). Below Williams mentions the media criticism re: barry’s slow response to Katrina (no mention of how slow the media was to get on the story) and barry says it’s “inaccurate”.

As far as the barrymedia is concerned, the defining moment of barry’s presidency was his admittance on Day 50 to Matt Lauer that he had not talked with Tony Hayward. [He never did even at the WH strong arm summit.] That’s when the media finally woke up to barry’s lack of governing skills. It was the first time they began openly criticizing him. Of course that is not brought up. Nor was the objective evidence of barry’s slow response in getting skimmers out on the water. The Dutch offered the use of their massive skimmers within 3 days of the explosion and were turned down only to be reconsidered in mid-June.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clip wasn’t working – relevant (1:57 – 3:00)

WILLIAMS: This was of course New Orleans’ Katrina and Mississippi’s Katrina and you’re familiar now that it’s getting baked in a little bit in the media that BP was President Obama’s Katrina. And it’s also getting baked in that the administration was slow off the mark. Is that unfair?

He talks in the present tense – not the slowness of response in April and May, which is the time period in question. He says they “IMMEDIATELY” had “thousands of vessels” and “tens of thousands of people”.

BARRY: Well, it’s just not accurate. If you take a look at our response, the only thing in common we had with the Katrina response was Thad Allen, who came in and helped to organize rescue efforts, uh, and he did so under Katrina and he did so for us. But if you look, we had immediately, thousands of vessels, tens of thousands of people who are here.

And what we’re seeing now is that we’ve got a lot more work to do.

But the fact is because of the sturdiness and swiftness of the response, there’s a lot less oil hitting these shores and these beaches than anybody would have anticipated given the volume that uh, was coming out of the uh, the, uh, the BP, uh, oil-oil well.

Which volume estimate? The fake 1k barrel/day that barry hoped no one would question to justify their slow response until they were forced by their own man – Rep Markey (D-NY) – who got BP to release LIVE video of the leak? Without which who knows when barry would have taken it seriously. Again it was public outrage that forced barry to act – like always.

Had the skimmers gotten out there earlier – the oil would never have reached the beaches and the effect on the ecosystem will not be known for years.

No follow up question by Williams. He thinks just asking the question is enough.

After they showed this edited clip on Morning Joe, MIKA, said: “Uh.”

Not good when even the staunchest of barry allies thinks his words are a joke.

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