Rachel Maddow “gleefully, blissfully ignoring” “wing-nut army birther doctor guy” (video/text)

Sept 2, 2010

Birth certificate posts

I happened to watch Ms Maddow last night for a few moments and was shocked how rabidly nasty she has become. Herr Olbermann must be proud of his protege. The topic of her rant: Birther wingnut LTC Lakin and only because “a” general has submitted an affidavit on Dr Lakin’s behalf.

Think WND enjoyed the free advertising?

The transcript/video provided by MSNBC follow. Note her mocking tone and the words she uses to describe a man who has served his country for 18 years including 6 overseas deployments. She has had Lt Choi and LTC Fehrenbach on multiple times in regards to DADT and has treated them respectfully. How someone who has never served our country can say the things she does about a man she does not know and has never met is beyond me.

And what has barry done to repay her staunch propaganda?

Refused to get involved in DADT and allowed hundreds of LGBT servicemembers to continue to be discriminated against.

Warning. If you are someone who respects the military and/or thinks barry should release his records, this is guaranteed to anger.

1-Admits to media embargo – she has ignored the story “gleefully” + “blissfully

2-Does not call LTC Lakin by his rank – instead she calls him “this guy” + “random birther guy who is interesting for his randomness” + “wing-nut army birther doctor guy” who has “crazy ideas” + “somebody trying to get out of the Army because of some crazy birther conspiracy theory.”

3-Incorrectly says that Lakin thinks barry is secretly foreign.  New propaganda “foreign”. Dr Lakin just wants barry to prove his Constitutional eligibility. Period.

4-Incorrectly states that Lt Gen McInerney is “saying that maybe the president is secretly foreign“.

READ excerpts from his affidavit.

5-Refers to 35-year veteran Lt Gen McInerney as a “birther general” and as a “guy this nuts” and that you should “add an asterisk to any assertions of his credibility”.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

MADDOW: Here is a story we have been thus far gleefully ignoring.

You might have heard about this guy, Terence Lakin. He is an Army doctor who is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he thinks President Obama is secretly foreign (Lie #1) and therefore secretly not really president, and therefore his orders to deploy to Afghanistan are secretly not valid. For that refusal, Dr. Lakin is facing a court-martial.

[Something he invited.]

Now, we have been blissfully ignoring Lt. Col. Lakin’s case because, well, because he is clearly some random birther guy who is interesting for his randomness, but not really news.

Now, however, it may be news. And we are talking about it tonight because, now, a retired three-star general retired three-star Air Force general has gotten involved in this case. He is Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a three- star general who retired from the Air Force in 1994. And he has now filed an affidavit in support of the wing-nut army birther doctor guy who is refusing to deploy because the president is secretly Kenyan. (Lie #2)

In this affidavit, Gen. McInerney argues that, quote, “In refusing to obey orders as to doubts as to their legality, Lt. Col. Lakin has acted exactly as proper training dictates. He’s demonstrating the courage of his convictions and his bravery.”

The general refers to the concerns of the birthers as, quote, “serious and widely held.” He says investigating them is, quote, “absolutely essential to reassuring all military personnel, once and for all, for this president whether his service as commander-in-chief is constitutionally proper.”

Now, somebody having crazy ideas about Barack Obama being secretly foreign is not news. There are more than a dozen members of the birther caucus in Congress, for example. Iowa Republican Steve King even invokes the whole thing during a speech on the House floor.

REP. STEVE KING (R-IA): A little baby with ink on their foot stamped right there on the birth certificate. There is one in this country we haven’t seen.

[Orly of course]

MADDOW: Beyond this stuff getting into the Congressional record through geniuses like Steve King, of course, there is also dentist/realtor/lawyer/birther queen Orly Taitz. She even ran for Secretary of State in the Republican primary in California and she got 25 percent of the vote. (True)

[Harry Reid made an official comment on the birth certificate on the floor of the Senate.]

MADDOW: The existence of the crazy, the-president-is- secretly-foreign cult is not itself news. What is news is that someone with Gen. McInerney qualifications is saying that maybe the president is secretly foreign. (Lie #3)

What’s news is that a retired Air Force general is lending his three-star credibility to a conspiracy theory that is this whack. However, if you take a look at what Gen. McInerney has lent his credibility to, you might want to add an asterisk to any assertions of his credibility. Nobody can take his three stars away. His rank is his rank. His military experience is his military experience.

[She didn’t give him the respect his title and service warrants. What’s the chance she would say any of this to his face? Zero.]

MADDOW: But consider also what the Gen. McInerney says happened to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

[The expected gotcha moment that has nothing to do with LTC Lakin’s case.]

LT. GEN. THOMAS MCINERNEY, U.S. AIR FORCE: I think the fact is that the Russians moved large stocks out in the fall of 2002. They went into three locations into Syria and one location in the Bekaa Valley. And if you get in there and if you found those weapons and found the precursors, the fingerprints would go back to Russia, China and France.

[More irrelevance]

MADDOW: The general’s professional opinion as a retired general we didn’t find WMD in Iraq because they were spirited away just before the invasion by Russians, also China and France. Not France. After the London train and bus bombings in 2005, Gen. McInerney told ” The Washington Times” his theory about why we didn’t have to worry about that sort of attack happening here in America. He said, quote, “Why attack here when you have leftists in America who have aided and abetted the enemy more than Tokyo Rose did in World War II? They don’t need to set off bombs. If they set off bombs, they would silence the shrill of leftists of the United States.”

[And barry’s good bud Bill Ayers?]

[More irrelevance – expected working in of Muslims]

Liberals are so terrorist-ish they are keeping the real terrorists away.

[Like the Ft Hood Muslim murderer?]

Gen. McInerney also frequently floats his own personal invasion of Iran plans like he did with this ’06 column for ” The Weekly Standard.” You can see the title there, “Target: Iran. Yes, there is a feasible military option against the mullahs’ nuclear program.” One of Gen. McInerney’s more recent counterterrorism strategies is that he suggests we strip-search all Muslims at airports. Not kidding.

MCINERNEY: I believe in the next 30 to 120 days, there is a danger, a very high probability that a U.S. airliner will come down because of one of these bombers. And so, we’ve got to go to more than just the normal process that they are talking about now. We have got to go to very, very strict screening and we have to use profiling, and I mean be very serious and harsh about the profiling. If you are an 18 to 28-year-old Muslim man, you should be strip-searched. And if we don’t do that, there is a very high probability we’re going to lose an airline.

[And if not for a Christmas Day miracle and a very brave Dutchman, the airline and hundreds of passengers would have been lost. Which would have been stopped with a strip search but likely not a pat down unless his genitals were grabbed.]

MADDOW: How do you verify who is Muslim?

[And for this she should be taken off the air]

Ultimately, the story here is not that somebody’s trying to get out of the Army because of some crazy birther conspiracy theory. (Lie #4)

Ultimately, the story here is not even that a three- star general has joined the quixotic request.

The real story, it seems to me, is that a guy this nuts gets paid to comment on foreign policy and wars. The birther general is on FOX News’ payroll. He’s the go-to guy for high-minded reporting [like hers?] on Muslim strip- searching, French people stealing WMDs, assurances of how easy it would be to wage war on Iran, and now, maybe the president’s birth certificate, too. He is their guy.

We report, you freak out.


No mention of the other servicemembers endorsing LTC Lakin probably because 1) she doesn’t know, 2) she doesn’t care, 3) they’re not affiliated with FOX or Bush or Iraq or Muslims so she can’t do her snarky rant.

What possesses someone to be so nasty? And how old are the people writing the copy?

November 3rd will be MSNBC and CNN’s reckoning.

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