LTC Lakin motion denied – would be an “embarrassment” for barry

Hey Jacqi. Sorry. Don’t know what happened. Thought I posted this yesterday.

Sept 2, 2010

Birth certificate posts

As expected, LTC Lakin’s motion to force barry to release his birth/school records was denied by Army Col Denise R Lind who called Dr Lakin’s defense theory “an erroneous view of the law.  He no access to school records. No deposition by the HI Dept of Health about barry’s “original vital recordS”.  They are “not relevant” because they do not have any direct bearing on the deployment orders Dr Lakin refused to obey. If the chain of command good enough for the Pentagon – it should be good enough for an individual soldier’s conscience. Faulty logic of course.

I haven’t seen or read the ruling which Judge Lind took 40 minutes to read aloud. Seems a little overkill, doesn’t it?

Makes you wonder long has the Pentagon been working on it and who actually wrote it – Bob Bauer and/or Justice Kagan?

WND mentions impeachment but not the judge’s actual words:

[Judge Lind] said opening up such evidence could be an “embarrassment” to the president, and it’s up to Congress to call for impeachment of a sitting president.

That word “embarrassment” came up at the very beginning from barry’s side but I don’t recall who said it.

Dr Lakin’s intent was never to prove barry ineligible. He just wanted barry to be held to the same Constitutional standards as every other president – proof of natural born citizenship – which means a piece of paper not a digital image. Now he has no defense. He knew what his orders were and he chose to disobey them. Without access to barry’s records, Dr Lakin’s one chance at vindication has been denied before his actual trial begins.

A defendant should be allowed to defend himself with all available evidence, which in any sane person’s mind includes a birth certificate that should have been seen before barry started campaigning for president. Evidence shouldn’t be disallowed because of possible “embarrassment” to anyone. And the truth is – if there is something wrong with his vital recordS – it would be more than an embarrassment. It would be civil unrest of global proportions – the exact reason they knew they could get away with it.

So, unless something comes up in the next month — always possible in October of election year — the Army is going to incarcerate an 18-yr combat veteran because the commander in chief refused to produce a $10 document that he swears is in order.

What more proof does any rational person need that something is not kosher?

The Secret Service and Intelligence community have been on his side since the beginning. His early protection was more about helping him than it was about protecting him from external threats to his person. The question is how far up does it go and who is the real puppetmaster.

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