Video “Buyer’s Remorse: Hillary for President 2012”

September 4, 2010

One man speaks up for Secy Clinton and the barrymedia starts their spin…Secy of State Clinton for Secy of Defense. Amazing what she is qualified as long as she isn’t running against barry or for the presidency.

Chris Matthews’ comments about the dentist, William De Jean, who paid for the video.

He spent $5k of his own money to put an ad on, for some reason, down in New Orleans.

1) The obvious mishandling of the BP OIL spill by barry.

2) Matthews must not have heard the man in New Orleans who said he voted for barry but wished Secy Clinton were president. [I looked for the post for the exact quote but the post but it’s nowhere to found even in the drafts.]

Unsaid – Secy Clinton is a woman of action.


The pix of Secy Clinton looks like a painting.


Ad voiceover:

She has more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents (barry)

She is one of the most admired women in our nations’ history (and the world)

Let’s make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 will be on the ballot in 2012 (no doubt about her eligibility or qualifications)

Start now. Where there’s a Hill, there’s a way.

Paid for by William DeJean (773) 981-5611

MATTHEWS seems to have forgotten his trashing of Secy Clinton about her ulterior motives even as she campaigned for someone who got less votes than she did – including votes in a state in which he was not on the ballot. On what planet would that have happened the other way around? Especially out of sight of the cameras.

Certainly is majestic.

One thing that won’t happen in the next two years is late. Parties that divide – divide. And half a party can’t win.

Neither do barry endorsements.

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