Iran sentences Ms Ashtiani to ANOTHER 99 lashes for ANOTHER crime she didn’t commit

Photo warning: Exposed flesh, adult woman after 50 lashes.

September 4, 2010

Mission Free Iran: Ms Ashtiani has been lashed
Ashtiani/stoning posts
Times apology

The Islamic Republic of Iran has officially gone mad.

But in doing so – they have forced their own hand.

They now want us to believe that Ms Ashtiani, who has been incarcerated without release for the last 4 years, was somehow able to not only commit a crime but was able to commit a crime severe enough to warrant (relative term) 99 more lashes. The same punishment she received for adultery.

And the crime from behind bars?

Spreading corruption and indecency by disseminating a picture of herself without a hijab

Not wearing a head covering = 99 lashes
Adultery = 99 lashes

How are these crimes comparable?

How does the world not the see the madness?

Below is the photo in question. It was published Aug 28 on front page of The Times of London and incorrectly captioned “Sakineh Ashtiani”.

[The 100 Cities Against Stoning Protests were the same day and Ms Ashtiani was told that night that she would be executed in the morning.].


Problem being it is not Ms Ashtiani.

It is Mrs. Susan Hejrat, a political activist living in Sweden, whose face must be well known in Iran.

The UK Guardian reports the Times issued a correction September 3rd. Which was just enough time for Iran to act. And when they act they don’t like to backtrack.

And the other twist: Times claimed they got the photo from Ms Ashtiani’s previous lawyer, Mr Mostafaei. He claimed he got it from Ms Ashtiani’s son Sajjad, who says in his most recent letter that what Mostafaei is claiming is not true.

There has been some strange behavior on the part of Mostafaei since he was granted asylum in Norway. Sajjad says in one of his letters that Mostafaei sent the Times the photo of Ms Ashtiani alongside her daughter.
So because of a simple mistake by the Times, which can be cleared up immediately and definitively, Ms Ashtiani will be lashed 99 times.

Graphic photo of what 50 lashes does follows along with the rest of the post.

MINA AHADI, International Committee against Stoning re: Ms Ashtiani’s old lawyer who was the one who sent the photos to the Times and then lied about where he got them:

It is Mr. Mostafaei’s responsibility to provide an explanation as to why he has disseminated counterfeit photo and information regarding Sakineh’s case; his action has only led to increased pressure on Sakineh and her family.


We strongly condemn this barbaric new sentence of 99 lashes imposed by the Islamic Republic against Sakineh and we demand that this sentence be abandoned immediately.

We take this opportunity to ask the media to be more meticulous in their reporting on this case.

For the purposes of informing the public, we provide below the full text of Sajjad’s letter of September 3, 2010. [next post]

None of this is rational. The world is angry Ms Ashtiani was put in prison for a crime she did not commit. A crime she was fully punished (99 lashes) anyway. She then was accused of another crime she didn’t commit based solely on the judge’s “knowledge” and was sentenced to death by stoning. And now they order another 99 lashes for an alleged crime that never happened even as world protests the other crimes she never committed.

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign
International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning


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