CNN pro-Muslim, anti-Christian propaganda continues

Sept 8, 2010

Three days before the 9th anniversary of a Muslim act of war on the United States–a predominantly Christian country with clear separation of Church and State–and what is CNN doing?

1-Focusing on the pastor in Florida — with a congregation of 50 — who has gotten his message across without burning anything and has no intention of burning anything (and probably never did). He has already succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and CNN is airing proof.

2-Showing video of the ubiquitous group of able-bodied men in the Muslim world doing nothing other than burning the American flag, chanting Death to America!, and burning images of a Christian pastor – all the while urging Americans not to exercise their First Amendment rights so islamoterrorists aren’t incited.

Islamoterrorists do not need incitement and CNN is showing video proof of it.Of what significance would their burning of a US flag made in China be if CNN never aired it?

Who really owns CNN and why is there never any mention of CNN’s own role in perpetuating anti-American propaganda?

Nothing has happened (just like nobody can stop the 9-11 mosque) and the islamoterrorists are already at it.

Proving the pastor’s point in spades.

3-Explaining the 5 pillars of Islam – one of which is giving of alms.

Then why is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in such distress? Why are infidels – the US – giving Pakistan so much aid when Muslims countries don’t even care?

Ali Veshi glosses over the “oath” which declares Islam to be the ONLY religion and all non-Muslims infidels. Islam itself designates itself as Muslim vs non-Muslims and that is not going to change no matter what non-Muslims do or say. And that is what non-propagandized people understand and why this alleged “outreach to the West” has no basis in reality.

The bridge would need to be built by those “moderate Muslims” who do not seem to exist – not a man who refuses to call HAMAS an islamoterrorist group and who uses two different titles for his book with different meanings depending on the translation.

That to commonsense folk is deception – not bridge building.

4-Hyping the man behind the mosque’s appearance on Larry King Live (no Larry) tonite.

No wonderments as to why the man has waited until 3 days before 9-11 anniversary to speak. And no one asking why the media hadn’t demanded he speak before he left for his tour of the ME on American taxpayer money.

5-Talking to Michael Cromartie from the Ethics Public Policy Center (also a “senior adviser to the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life” – recall the recent is barry a Muslim poll they misrepresented) who leads with the earth-shattering enlightenment that “modern Islam in American has a PR problem”. Not that CNN and MSM isn’t doing their darndest. And then he says:

The problem for modern Islam is that you’ve got a small, very small percentage of Muslims who have become violent, and have used violence to advance their cause. And they get all the publicity.

Meanwhile, all the moderates, who are the largest percentage of Muslims everywhere, don’t get the attention they should.

And whose fault is it?

And if that were true – why are “moderate Muslims” letting the “non-moderates” hijack their faith? Why aren’t the “moderate Muslims” at the very least embarrassed that a very small amount of people can speak for more than a billion Muslims? And why aren’t they doing anything about it?

If it were true – “moderate Muslims” would be more outraged than non-Muslims and yet that is not the case. Not even close.

Where are the “moderate Muslims” in the US denouncing the burning of the American flag?

Where are the “moderate Muslims” in the US saying this is America and we are allowed to burn a Bible so why not a Koran?

Where are the “moderate Muslims” in the US denouncing Islamic (Shariah) law?

And if there are close to a billion “moderate Muslims” who are not islamoterrorists, and do not believe in Shariah law, then why does it still exist?

Words do not match actions. Now or throughout history.

If the overwhelming majority of Muslims are “peaceful-loving” people and Islam is a “peaceful” religion — why is there so much hate and violence throughout the Muslim world perpetrated in the name of Islam against non-Muslims?

Why has the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan never moved passed the Stone Age?

Why are little girls still being mutilated and still being sold to pedophiles in the name of Islam?

Why are women still being treated like reproductive chattel innocent women still being stoned to death in the name of Islam?

Because a billion “moderate Muslims” can’t stop the “very small percentage of Muslims” who are islamoterrorists?

This turnip doesn’t buy it. And why should any non-Muslim believe “moderate” Islam exists when there is absolutely no evidence of it?

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