THIS is the photo that was miscaptioned “Sakineh Ashtiani”

Sept 8, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts
Times apology

As you can see, Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer could not have truly believed this woman was Ms Ashtiani even if as he says he never fully saw Ms Ashtiani’s face.

Would anyone’s eyes be so alive after 4 years in prison?

France24 video screenshot

Does Ms Ashtiani even have pierced ears? Do they sell earrings like that (or any type) to women who have to keep their hair and ears covered at all times?

Mrs Seza – you’re welcome. I have no idea what the woman pictured (Susan Hejrat) has done or said about this, if anything. And I have not checked to see if the Times has done anything since the word of Ms Ashtiani’s alleged re-lashing. I think Sajjad should sue The Times as a way to hopefully force Iran to go on record as to whether the lashing actually occurred and to force Mostafaei to go on record. But that’s from US legal perspective. I have no idea if something like that’s possible.

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