What type of Islam allows an innocent woman to be lashed during Ramadan?

Sept 7, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning, 9-11 mosque

cnn screenshot

What type of Islam subjects women to mock executions, torture, lashings (and whatever sexual violation) during Ramadan?

What type of Islam allows fellow Muslims to say nothing?

What type of Islam keeps a government-appointed lawyer away from a condemned client?

What type of Islam keeps children away from their condemned mother?

A mother Iran can execute at will without her children or lawyer or the world ever knowing.

How does a society based on an allegedly “peaceful religion” that allows such grotesque treatment of women and children expect the world to take them seriously?

What kind of world looks the other way?

And what kind of country do we live in that we tolerate the silence of the president?

Barack Obama’s reaching out to the unclenched fist of the Muslim world does not include the fists that are used to beat, lash, behead, hang and stone to death women and girls.

This is incomprehensible.

How many of the protesters around the world were non-Muslims vs Muslim?

I have no idea. But I would bet on non-Muslims.

And where are all those “moderate Muslims” we hear about? What are they saying?

Is our newest and greatest ambassador to the Muslim World, Feisel Rauf, who equates the US Constitution to Sharia speaking out?

His wife Daisy?

And is the barrymedia so intent on Islamophobia propaganda even asking?

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