Iran forces condemned woman to deny she was tortured

Sept 17, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

Sources: Guardian, Daily Mail

Clearly the pressure is getting through to Iran because they forced Ms Ashtiani to do another TV interview.

Round 2 propaganda: she was not lashed because of the miscaptioned photograph, she was not tortured, she was not forced to go on TV and no one has told her what to say.

Evidently – I haven’t seen footage – her face was again obscured and subtitles were again provided. Not sure how they think presenting her the same fashion is going to make what she says any more believable. [Pix from first TV appearance.]

And if subtitles are needed for Iranians to understand what Ms Ashtiani is saying – her native language is Azeri not Farsi – what are the chances she understood anything that was said during her legal proceedings?

These are the only direct quotes I have seen.

MS ASHTIANI: I have not been tortured, at all. All these words are my own words. Nobody has forced me to appear before camera and whatever I say is my own words.

Hint to the Islamic Republic of Iran: The mere fact you found the accusations worthy of response proves their worthiness.

Ms Ashtiani was tortured, more than once. Ms Ashtiani was forced to appear on TV, both times. Ms Ashtiani was lashed for the photograph and none of the words have been hers.

Not mentioned – Ms Ashtiani has not been allowed visitation from her children or lawyer since prior to the 100 Cities Against Stoning protest and she was not allowed advice of counsel re: her TV statements.

Sajjad was happy to at least see his mother:

Actually it has been a huge relief for me to see my mother on TV again after a month of complete cut off, because at least I found that she is still alive. For a month, I have not been given permission to meet her while the government claimed that she has not been denied visits, how can I believe such a government which says lies as easily as this?

Lawyer, Houtan Kian:

To me, this interview has been given forcibly again. She has been denied her very principle right of visiting her lawyer for more than a month and I, as her lawyer, have been harassed and threatened.

Guardian also quoted them as saying the reason for the interview was to “prepare the public opinion inside Iran for her execution.”

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