Ahmadinejad re Ms Ashtiani: “There are 3.7M internet pages about this woman”

Sept 22, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

Nice to know he’s keeping track. As of this moment it’s 3.83M results.

Mahmo made his statements to state-run news agency, IRNA, in reference to capital punishment in the US – specifically the impending execution of Virginia death row inmate Teresa Lewis. He thinks the US is hypocritical to protest the stoning sentence of Ms Ashtiani when Ms Lewis is scheduled to be executed.

AHMADINEJAD concerning Ms Lewis:

A woman is being executed in the United States for murder but nobody protests against it. There are 3.7 million Internet pages about this woman [Ms Ashtiani]. Her case is not final yet but Iran is being heavily attacked.

Heavily attacked = protests are working.

Iranian lawmaker Hossein Naghavi:

We will file an official complaint to the international community against the US if the sentence is administered.

How do they not know how absolutely ridiculous they appear.

Most obvious – adultery is not considered a capital offense in the US and only rarely does it involve any type of criminal charges. Stoning is not a punishment for anything and shouldn’t be anywhere. The protests against stoning and Ms Ashtiani’s imprisonment have involved the entire globe with many of the same folks protesting the execution of Ms Lewis.


Human rights organizations have had the ability to check on the physical well-being of Ms Lewis – not so with Ms Ashtiani.

Ms Lewis had a legal trial open to the public that was conducted in Ms Lewis’ native language – Ms Ashtiani did not.

Ms Lewis’ court papers are available for all to see – Ms Ashtiani’s have gone missing.

Ms Lewis’ confession was not obtained by means of torture – Ms Ashtiani’s was.

Ms Lewis was convicted of murder – Ms Ashtiani was not.

Ms Lewis was tried, convicted and sentenced for her stated crimes – Ms Ashtiani’s crimes, charges and punishments keep evolving even as she remains imprisoned.

Ms Lewis was not already punished for the crime she was imprisoned for – Ms Ashtiani has already received 99 lashes + imprisonment + another 99 lashes + a death sentence by yet undetermined means.

Ms Lewis has been free to speak with the press, including international press – Ms Ashtiani has not.

Ms Lewis has had full access to her attorneys and been allowed visitation – Ms Ashtiani has not.

Ms Lewis has been allowed communication with the outside – Ms Ashtiani has not.

Ms Lewis will die via lethal injection as the end result of a conviction and sentence handed down by a jury of her peersĀ  – Ms Ashtiani, for a crime she never committed, will be buried in a hole and have stones thrown at her until she chokes to death on her own blood and broken teeth.


Virginia Gov Robert McDonnell rejects clemency request:

Having carefully reviewed the petition for clemency, the judicial opinions in this case, and other relevant materials, I find no compelling reason to set aside the sentence that was imposed by the Circuit Court and affirmed by all reviewing courts. Accordingly, I decline to intervene and have notified the appropriate counsel and family of my decision.

Barring an act of God, Ms Lewis will die via lethal injection 9:00 pm Thursday.

Personal thoughts: Why did Ms Lewis receive the death penalty and the actual gunmen only life?

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