Even if you liked Ike – he had to produce his birth certificate to run for POTUS

Sept 23, 2010

Birth certificate posts

There’s go the theory that no other president had to produce his birth certificate to run for president. Totally wild someone found this article. And it’s hard to believe Pres Eisenhower, who was the last president to be born in the 19th Century, didn’t need a birth certificate to join the Army.

Salt Lake City resident Glen Fairclough emailed an article to the Sonora News from 1952 regarding not yet president Dwight Eisenhower’s need for a birth certificate. Listed is the precise location of Ike’s birth – which is not true of barry. Even though folks insist he was born in Hawaii no one cans say where – not even Gibbs.

Here’s the relevant snippet. Denison, Tx is also the hometown of Capt Chesley Sullenberger.

Sonora News (Linda Bentley)

October 2, 1952 United Press article (Sherman, Texas)

General’s birth certificate officially filed

A certificate recording Dwight Eisenhower’s birth in Denison on Oct. 14, 1890, was filed Wednesday [Oct. 1, 1952] in the Grayson County Clerk’s office. Nobody had bothered to make out a certificate when the Republican presidential candidate was born in a house at the corner of Lamar and Day streets in nearby Denison.

A copy of the certificate filed Wednesday was mailed to Mrs. Eisenhower in Denver. Eisenhower’s older brother, Arthur, signed the certificate. It was also signed by the Grayson County Judge J.N. Dickson and recorded by County Clerk J.C. Buchanan.

Pres Eisenhower is known as one of the greatest American generals – his pedigree well established – but he still had to provide proof he was a natural born citizen.

So why shouldn’t barry?

Though at this point I would rather he lead like Ike did.

Curious fact: Pres Eisenhower’s son graduated from West Point on D-Day.

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