Jacqi re: Official Certification of Nomination forms


September 26, 2010

Birth certificate posts

*update: Hey Jacqi. Yes. Folks are still at it – including the original jbjd.wordpress. No mention of Riggs. New info – connections to barry and Stanley Ann. WND had a post about folks arrested for checking out barry’s student loan record.

Hey Jacqi.

No — as far as I know nothing further has happened re: the two Official Certification of Nomination forms. It started recycling for unknown reasons – just like last time with the guy in Canada or wherever – including the re-emergence of the different OCON forms that had originally been supplied by myfellowcitizen whose whose name escapes me at the moment Justin Riggs who had worked with lawyer blogger jbjd whose name he didn’t mention until after he had responded via email. So not sure exactly what each did. He/they had started writing letters and amassing forms all the way back in Dec 2008, which is how he/they discovered the two different OCON forms but it appeared he had given up. His site disappeared and the last time he communicated he said he was still working on it somewhere with somebody.

After that he/they posted the 2000, 2004 OCON forms that made it perfectly clear Hawaii knew. He never emailed back and since his site is gone I have no idea if he/they went any further. The next step would be an affidavit from the person who signed the Hawaii Democrat Party form [*see update] or from Alice Germond (pix) who signed the DNC one, which isn’t going to happen.

A Hawaii Republican was pushing for birth certificate legislation like AZ and elsewhere but I don’t know if he knew about or cited the OCON discrepancy.

Bottom line: The Hawaii Democrat Party were the ones who intentionally omitted the Constitutional clause, which was replaced verbatim by Nancy Pelosi on the second OCON form that went only to Hawaii according to Riggs. (He still hadn’t gotten a form from every state so that might have changed. Arizona is the only state I am aware of where barry personally attested that he was Constitutionally eligible. Don’t know who discovered it – thought I had a copy but couldn’t find it.) And it was the 2000 and 2004 OCONs that provided all the proof needed.

Don’t know where Riggs went. jbjd was still legally pursuing the Nancy Pelosi angle with some states. Don’t know what’s happened. Everything’s outlined in this post last December for a very persistent “Kyle” who asked about it. Can’t imagine why it would start recirculating. Maybe November elections or more FOIA info released or maybe someone ran across old posts about it which may have been news to them and reopened the issue. All sorts of folks got into the issue late and started blogs and had to get info somewhere. Good to know folks are still at it. Not that any of it matters. The press is entirely corrupted. Once that goes the people have nothing but the voting booth and protest rallies and blogs that get censored.

“Inspector” Lucas Smith of ebay Kenyan birth certificate fame resurfaced recently after he totally trashed Orly Taitz. He swore out an affidavit and then refused to testify because of coercion. If that thing was legitimate – where has he been hiding, why did he only now write to Congress, and why didn’t Taitz call or email the Kenyan official who allegedly provided it? Why didn’t he just stop by and see barry’s half-brother George for a DNA sample?

I don’t like to go to WND because they are just as corrupt as all the other media but I’ll take a quick look to see if they suddenly “discovered” something like they did with the Kapiolani letter 3 weeks before the release of their barry documentary even though it had been on Kapiolani’s site for 6 months. The eligibility issue could have been solved by the end of January 2009 (and any time since) had WND’s Lester Kingsolving asked Gibbs every day or even once a month for the name of the hospital. As far as I know, Kingsolving has *never brought it up after July 2009 even though Gibbs said he was going to “seek to interview whoever brought the President into this world” and had offered to discuss it “again next week”.

Obvious question – why hadn’t anyone already sought out that person?

[*Just checked the drafts and see I never posted the June 10 exchange where Kingsolving asked about the CT SSN (another resurfacing) and Gibbs avoided it by talking about the birth certificate. Will post it. HERE.]

Instead Kingsolving asked why only some of the press corps had been invited to the WH for 4th of July picnic. It was barryfan Bill Press who brought it up and not surprisingly they edited the official WH transcript – omitting Helen Thomas and Kingsolving each saying: “violation of the Constitution”. C-Span also edited a video leaving off the birth certificate exchange. C-Span’s communication director Howard Mortman left a comment on a different post (Oval Office redecoration they were punked on) and did not respond when I asked him about the edited video. Surprise.

The truth will eventually surface. But really, what proof is necessary beyond the fact that no Hawaii hospital has claimed that the first Hawaii-born president was birthed in their hospital – especially when two of his birthdays have passed. Imagine the money they could have made from a “Barry Soetoro Birthing Suite” or some type of documentary.

Wonder how the parents feel now who named their children “Barack”.

And those birth announcements that don’t include his name or place of birth?

The papers who ran them can’t even name the hospital he was born in.


Thanks. It was worth the trip. I’ve had more than enough for a while. WND does have a post but it sounds like they had not heard about it before, which is hard to believe. They quote other blogs – JBJD is still at it who started it all and then there’s Fellowshipofminds and butterdezillion blogs which I don’t know.

BZ personally called Hawaii Dem Party back in Nov 2009 and did some research. But the blog is new. Too bad these folks weren’t all working together back then. Didn’t check out the whole blog but it appears legitimate. The post is the whole story in one. HERE. Too long to assimilate. You know the top. New developments near the bottom. They should put that in a separate post so folks who know the first part see it and don’t stop reading. There’s alot of jbjd’s links to follow. Don’t know what s/he is up to.

Wonder when it’s better to get Ms Pelosi into court – before or after she’s voted out of office.

New info – connections to barry – both signatures right there.

1-*William H Gilardy, Jr = Hawaii Democrat Party = attorney who represented Stanley Ann mother in Lolo divorce. [scrib copy]

2-Brian Schatz = barry’s HI campaign spokesman + Punahou classmate + HDP Chairman = who signed the certificate [scribd copy]

[Obama divorce attorney was George L.T. Kerr]

How long has Schatz been chairman. Stanley Ann always seems to pop up. Did she havw a passport lawyer and if he was the one who got her passport records “destroyed”.

I have seen lesser men evolve.

WND Aug 26 post: 9 folks were arrested by the FBI for looking into barry’s school loan records (National Student Loan Data System) between July 2007 & Mar 2009 at Vangent Inc, in Coralville, IA. Had no idea. Neither did they until the FBI showed up. They had also looked up the other candidates and celebrities like Angolina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They deny doing anything with the info and Vangent said they didn’t “know the intentions of our former employees” and that “no evidence of misuse of the data by former employees was found.”

1-Guilty (F): Misdemeanor “computer fraud” – sentencing Dec 13
1-Pled not guilty (M) – awaiting trial
7-Either pled or will plead guilty

One had a scheduled hearing Sept 24 – no update.

God help them.

Former employee is punishment enough. In prison – one has a place to eat, sleep, work and shower…food, shoes, clothes, optical, dental, medical, prenatal and psychiatric care are provided…no rent, utility, grocery, gas or prescription bills to pay…amenities include phone, TV and internet access, educational, vocational and parenting classes and in a year the chances of finding a job won’t be any worse.

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