MSM’s interpretation of POTUS’ response to Ahmadinejad’s UN tirade

Sept 24, 2010

Full transcript of Persian BBC interview

Propaganda continues.  The WH wanted the message spread and barry didn’t even give his comrades a single usable quote.

How CNN reported on POTUS’ response to Ahmadinjad’s delusional tirade.

-Didn’t air the entire 37-second clip

-Cut out the majority of the 50-word sentence

-Joe Johns led with barry “SCORNED” Mahmo

-On the screen: “OFFENSIVE…HATEFUL…INEXCUSABLE” and underneath it “Pres slams Iranian leader’s UN speech”

Why didn’t they use “Obama” and “Ahmadinejad”?

And after the video snippet, Johns commented on barry’s demeanor with John King.


JOHNS: So John, they say the president isn’t upset enough about it. I wonder if his handlers are telling him to scrunch up his eyebrows more or beat on the table.

KING: As you know, that’s been a constant debate, should he be more emotive, should he be more angry, when it’s not really who he is. It’s not how he emotes his displeasure, but I — look, you know we don’t take sides here. But I think it’s fair to say maybe you think he should be more animated. But let’s agree on one thing. It was offensive. You can agree with that on the president on that one. Joe, thank you.

MSNBC – didn’t watch any of their coverage. This was on their front page.

Saw “slams” in a lot of headlines.

Here’s what the UK Guardian wrote about POTUS’ appearance on Persian BBC.

US officials had already lambasted Ahmadinejad’s remarks as “abhorrent and delusional”, but Obama’s furious public riposte is likely to have a global resonance.


Barack Obama made an angry personal attack on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today…

Furious public riposte…angry personal attack…global resonance?

It’s like living in an alternate universe. He didn’t even use Mahmo’s name in the clip that is available, which is all the WH has released as far as text.

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