Why is the Muslim world so afraid of Ahmadinejad?


Sept 26, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

Why does the Muslim world continue to allow this madman to be the shining example of Islam to the world?


Because he represents the true face of Islam?

And when is the UN going to become an organization worth its name?

He was provided a world stage to trash the country “hosting” him (as well as the “Zionist Regime”).¬† He was allowed access to the US media where he lied about the stoning sentence of Ms Ashtiani and pretended stoning wasn’t going on in Iran. He said Ms Ashtiani was on trial for murder (she isn’t) and that she is being allowed access to her lawyer and her children (she isn’t).

And still the UN allows Iran to sit on the UN Commission on the Status of Woman.

Is this is how AH, Mengele and Goebbels would be treated if they existed today?


Mahmo wants to accomplish what those three did not.


He thinks it’s ok to stone mothers to death for crimes they did not commit.

He finds it perfectly acceptable to hang minors Р3 in a row Рon a crane  for all to see.

He finds nothing wrong with cutting off healthy hands and feet, gouging out non-diseased eyeballs, and hacking off noses and ears.

[Pix too graphic]

Lashing – no problem. An effective way to encourage the “prisoner” to “confess” to crimes they didn’t commit.

(screenshot from protest video by Farshad Hoseini)

One of the Basiji’s favorite means of torture is to forcefully urinate down the “prisoner’s” throat.

Who thinks of such things?

And most heinous, Mahmo found it necessary to rip a healthy 6 month-old fetus out of woman – thereby murdering it – so he didn’t have to wait 3 months to satisfy his blood lust.


Truth the UN has been notified of and did nothing about – as if forced abortions of healthy fetuses to speed along an execution is the road to gender equality in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ms Ashtiani’s son Sajjad’s most recent letter to Secy Gen Moon who as far as I know has not responded.

The tortured soon to be executed woman’s name is MARYAM GHORBANZADE (25). She too was sentenced to death by stoning but had it switched to hanging when Ms Ashtiani’s case was publicized. And she, like Ms Ashtiani, can be executed at any time without anyone ever knowing.

How are the doctors performing these unnecessary “surgeries” different than Mengele?

Saudi Arabia in year 2010 actually wants to paralyze a perfectly healthy person as punishment.

Why is the world at large ignoring what is happening in Iran?

The Muslim world finds nothing wrong with this.

(screenshot from protest video by Farshad Hoseini)

The Muslim world doesn’t care that this is the literal face of Islam.

So why exactly is the Muslim world afraid of an impotent rodent-eyed empty-souled delusional misogynist who kills women and minors for pleasure?

And why is the world at large pretending this man is in any way sane?

What free person not under the influence of propaganda, no matter their religion or anything else, would allow Mahmo to babysit their daughter?


Who is the man responsible for the torture and execution of human beings in the Islamic Republic of Iran and what are the “punishments” based on?

Islamic law.

Meaning he justifies killing in the name of Islam.

So how is what he is doing any different from islamoterrorists who also kill in the name of Islam?

Mahmo’s primary victims are Muslims.

And the Muslim world doesn’t care.

So why should non-Muslims believe Islam is anything other than sanctioned hate when all those “peace-loving” Muslims we hear about but don’t exist do nothing while their own brother in Islam is killing other Muslim brothers and sons (they all don’t care about women/girls) in the name of Islam?

It’s time to stop parroting “Islam is just like every other religion”.

It’s not. And never will be.

Name a religion besides Islam that makes up the name of a country.

Name a religion besides Islam that has no separation of church and state.

Name a religion besides Islam where women and girls are not considered full human beings.

Name a religion besides Islam where marriage of a 8 y/o and the raping to death of a 13 y/o is acceptable.

Name a religion besides Islam that sanctions killing.

You can’t.

Simple proof Islam is not like any religion.

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