TIME propaganda: “The Secret World of Extreme Militias”

Sept 30, 2010

This article is an example of why 57% of Americans have little or no faith in the media.

TIME: “The Secret World of Extreme Militias” (Barton Gellman)

More of the same old tired propaganda guaranteed to make already angry folks angrier.

All nonbarryfans are racist, stupid, Bible-quoting, gun-toting bitter whiteys with antipathy towards those unlike them (blacks, muslims) and are members of right wing militia  groups who want to do barry harm because of his funny name and Muslim father.

Cover: Joe Zeff

The American People have heard the same propaganda for the last 3 years and are tired of it the way they are already tired of the “Is America Islamophobic?” propaganda. Another wonderful TIME article whose conclusion – buried within the inflammatory conjecture, anecdotal evidence and kumbaya calls for tolerance – was NO – “there’s no sign that violence against Muslims is on the rise”.

Most offensive was the cover. What kind of American even thinks of associating the Stars and Stripes – the ultimate symbol of freedom – with a religion that sanctions genital mutilation, child marriage (sanctioned pedophilia, rape and sex slavery), stoning, hanging, beheading, and the sanctioned rape/disfigurement/murder of female relatives?

GELLMAN’s secret world of extreme militias include whiteys and Christians but nothing about islamoterrorists masquerading as US citizens:

Some groups, though not many overtly, embrace the white-supremacist legacy of the Posse Comitatus, which invented the modern militia movement in the 1970s. Some are fueled by a violent stream of millennial Christianity. Some believe Washington is a secondary foe, the agent of a dystopian new world order.

He makes sure not to mention “birthers” outright:

A small but growing number of these extremist groups, according to the FBI, ATF and state investigators, are subjects of active criminal investigations. They include militias and other promoters of armed confrontation with government, among them “common-law jurors,” who try to make their own arrests and convene their own trials, and “sovereign citizens,” who respond with lethal force to routine encounters with the law.

Among those “common-law jurors” are citizen grand juries who are simply asking for proof of barry’s Constitutional eligibility (required of all presidents, including Pres Eisenhower)  to send American men and women (some for the 3rd or 4th time)  to die in Afghanistan for absolutely nothing.

Hidden in the middle of the same paragraph:

Investigators are keeping a wary eye on a related trend, which has yet to progress beyond words, in which law officers and military service members vow to refuse or resist orders they deem unconstitutional.

Which proves Gellman has no clue of what he’s talking about.

It’s not a “related trend” –it is the exact same issue of Constitutional eligibility that surfaced in 2008 that the media has steadfastly refused to prove once and for all. And it has progressed beyond words and beyond the Taitz court cases of MAJOR COOK (voluntary deployment rescinded – lost defense contractor job) and CAPTAIN RHODES (ordered to pay for the govt defense costs – Taitz sanctioned $20K) to where the Pentagon is willing to court-martial a decorated combat veteran who was slated for a promotion.

Boxes checked on LTC Lakin’s original evaluation form: Top 10% of Army medical officers and “OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE, MUST PROMOTE”. A few days later – when the charges were brought and he was arrested – Lakin’s report was amended to “unfit for continued military service” even though he had been medically treating/overseeing the medical treatment of Pentagon workers, their children, and the flight crew responsible for safety of the #1 Army man right up to the day of his arrest.

Why would the Pentagon choose to look so damn foolish if they had any other choice?

Gellman isn’t the only one who has no clue. CNN “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin said of 18-yr combat veteran Lakin:

These people are bigots. They’re racists. They’re freaks. They’re lunatics. These are not rational players in American politics. These people are not part of the American political system.

LTC Lakin is ‘not part of the American political system’ but he is willing to die to preserve it and willing to defend the life of the man who called him a racist bigoted lunatic freak without ever having met him. Who’s the bigot?

And barry’s favorite (so she doesn’t turn on him about DADT) Rachel Maddow, who has shown great respect for the DADT officers Choi and Fehrenbach, referred to LTC Lakin, a physician Army officer she has never met as:

“this guy” + “somebody trying to get out of the Army because of some crazy birther conspiracy theory” + a “random birther guy who is interesting for his randomness” + a “wing-nut army birther doctor guy” who has “crazy ideas” and that it “is a story we have been thus far gleefully (and blissfully) ignoring.”

Gleefully and blissfully ignoring whether the President of the United States is constitutionally eligible to hold the Office that is responsible for discharging DADT officers like Choi and Fehrenbach.

Great advert for a Rhodes scholar, innit?

Extremists are on the rise because a black man with a Muslim father and funny sounding name is POTUS:

The Obama Factor

None of these movements are entirely new, but most were in sharp decline by the late 1990s. Their resurgence now is widely seen among government and academic experts as a reaction to the tectonic shifts in American politics that allowed a black man with a foreign-sounding name and a Muslim-born father to reach the White House.

Cowardly words that prove the true intent of the article – dissemination of barrypropaganda without quoting a single source. Not that anyone cares. Look how much fellow TIME “journalist” Mark Halperin made with his unsourced book of sexist gossip.

Why didn’t fellow journalists ask Halperin why he didn’t come clean with the Edwards info when Edwards was still running for president?

Because they knew Edwards was allowed to stay in the race for one reason – to divide the Iowa vote and give inexperienced barry a chance against the eminently qualified Secy Clinton. Ten bucks Gellman was one of the folks who fell for barry’s ridiculous Iraq fairy tale.

The beginning of the article mentions defense against islamoterrorism as the stated purpose of the group:

The year is 2014, and a new breed of neo-Islamic terrorism is rampant in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio…The current White House Administration is pro-Muslim and has ordered a stand-down against Islamic groups.

But Gellman skips from the late 1990’s right to 2010 and makes it about racism, a funny name and a sperm donor “father” — totally ignoring the actual terrorist attacks on US soil: the Sept 11 islamoterrorists, the Ft Hood islamoterrorist, the Time Square islamoterrorist and the Christmas Day islamoterrorist.

So were those terrorists’ actions – reality outside an unnamed academic’s mind –  a “reaction to the tectonic shifts in American politics that allowed a black man with a foreign-sounding name and a Muslim-born father to reach the White House”?

Or were the last three islamoterrorists disillusioned by the “black man with a foreign-sounding name and Muslim-born father” in the WH who promised to reach out to the Muslim world and then proceeded to send more troops to Afghanistan?

Choice of words:

Obama’s ascendancy unhinged the radical right, offering a unified target to competing camps of racial, nativist and religious animus.

Nativist = an elitist take on “birther movement”.

Interesting how he went out of the way not to directly mention the birth certificate issue while still mentioning folks tied to it. Six months ago “birther” would have been in the title.  So why not now?

And the inevitable:

Threats against Obama’s life brought him Secret Service protection in May 2007, by far the earliest on record for a presidential candidate.

Anyone who believes it had to do with threats against his life is beyond naive. He was given SS protection to prevent The American People from finding out who he is and who is behind his “ascendancy”.

And that completely bogus “kill him” allegation, which barry used in the last debate before the general election, was fabricated by a reporter working for a barry-endorsed paper in a state where Secy Clinton was, yes, “killing him” IN THE POLLS and it was barry’s own SS agents who made the determination. The fantasy reporter was more concerned with his own buzz and defending his messiah against imaginary extremists! than the reputation of the SS and other law enforcement officers in attendance.

How many death threats do you think were made against Hillary Clinton after barry and barrymedia transformed her into a racist?

I would bet serious money that in the last three years she has had 20 times the amount of death threats made against barry. Not to mention the international threats. When Secy Clinton visited Africa she had to take a UN plane to talk with girls and women being gang-raped as a strategy of war because of fears her plane would be shot down and what did the barrymedia find newsworthy? The lost in translation question.

Domestic terrorism:

And yet there are exceptions, and law-enforcement officials say domestic terrorists are equally the products of their movements.

And then Gellman includes a link to the Top 10 Inept Terrorist Plots, which include egging an Idaho car dealership and two cases in the UK but no mention of the “domestic” islamoterrorists who are a product of their religious movements. Except of course the Ft Hood islamoterrorist who murdered non-Muslims on a US Army base in the name of Islam because of “workplace stress”.

Rightfully mentioned is the hate-filled Nazi who stormed the Holocaust Memorial Museum and killed the security guard on duty. A murder Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann blamed on the “birthers” despite the fact the Nazi was spouting hate before barry was ever even born and had made a previous armed attempt at hostage-taking in DC.

And who does Gellman claim was the Nazi’s real target?

[HINT: Alleged target was nowhere near the museum that day and has recently been fired by the WH for letting illegal alien auntie talk to the media.]

What authorities did not disclose was how close the country had come to a seismic political event. Von Brunn, authoritative sources say, had another target in mind: White House senior adviser David Axelrod, a man at the center of Obama’s circle. The President was too hard to reach, in Von Brunn’s view, but that was of no consequence. “Obama was created by Jews,” he wrote. “Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do.”

A common theme in the murderer’s hate-filled rants not specific to anyone in the present administration, including Axelrod, barry and Rahm Emanuel. And not much different from what Rev Wright – the man who helped barry find Jesus – said about barryhandlers (aka Axelrod, Emanuel) back in June 2009:

Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.

If it indeed occurred, and if indeed barry’s has had threats since 2007 (with Axelrod at his side) why the “jolt”?

The episode sent a jolt through the FBI and DHS. Von Brunn had demonstrated motive, means and intent to kill one of the President’s closest aides. The Secret Service assigned Axelrod a protection detail and took other, undisclosed steps to broaden its coverage.

Gellman mentions Bob Shultz of ‘We The People’ but doesn’t mention that Shultz is a birther.

On page 5 of the article Gellman raises the question:

Regardless of what conscience tells them, what chance do would-be armed rebels possibly have of prevailing against the armed might of the U.S.?

And that is precisely what barry, the barrymedia and barry’s govt want to know and what they want to stop.

Beware the Lone Wolf

Federal law-enforcement agencies want no part of a conversation about angry antigovernment extremists and refused in virtually every case to speak on the record.

But not TIME, NEWSWEEK, MSNBC, CNN and the Southern Poverty Law Center which Gellman quotes several times.

Listen how he tries to downplay the Homeland Security’s own propaganda:

A few injudicious passages from career analysts at the DHS in an April 2009 report titled “Rightwing Extremism” — which could be misread to suggest danger from ordinary antigovernment opinions or military veterans in general — brought a ferocious backlash. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano distanced herself from the report and forbade further public discussion of the subject. Shortly afterward, the National Security Council staff canceled plans for a working-group meeting on the surge of violent threats against members of Congress.

The stretch:

Yet the months that followed brought fresh support for the study’s central finding, that rising “rightwing radicalization and recruitment” raised the risk that lone wolves would emerge from within the groups to commit “violent acts targeting government facilities, law-enforcement officers, banks and infrastructure sectors.”

Within 90 days came the Von Brunn shooting; a triple murder of police officers in Pittsburgh by white supremacist Richard Andrew Poplawski; and a double murder of sheriff’s deputies in Florida by a National Guardsman, Joshua Cartwright, who attributed his rage to Obama’s election.

And instead of making his own closing statement or summing up what he discovered in writing the article, Gellman lets someone else – James Cavanaugh (retired ATF) make the argument:

The ceaseless talk of federal aggression — and regular training to repel it — “becomes a hysteria where you constantly, constantly practice and nothing happens,” he says. “Now most of them wouldn’t go out offensively, O.K.? But generally why they’re dangerous is that some people can’t stand that rhetoric and just wait for it to happen. And they go off the rails, à la McVeigh.”

Classic propaganda technique.

But one has to wonder how/why someone (who can clearly write) so willingly surrenders ownership of work.

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