Iran: Sajjad asks world municipalities for help saving his condemned mother, Sakineh Ashtiani

October 1, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

NoMoreStoning –

Not much happening that I could find. I don’t know how hard it is for Sajjad to get a message out of Iran – but for folks to remain actively interested in saving his mother’s life (as crass as it sounds) – they need to have a constant reminder. Short attention spans = check two days in a row and there’s nothing – it just drops off their radar. And it’s not like the MSM cares now that Mahmo was allowed in the US.

Another Thursday has passed and there’s no word whether Ms Ashtiani was denied visitation again. There’s not even any confirmation that she is even alive. They should designate a “Remember Sakineh” time of day on her Facebook page to increase internet activity. Mahmo has been keeping track of. Google search results – there were 3.7M when he mentioned it – now 3.85M.

Mother, Sakineh, and son, Sajjad

International Committee Against Stoning

Latest press release from the Save Sakineh site run by Mina Ahadi of the ICAS concerns a Sept 26 letter (not provided) that Sajjad wrote to ask municipalities around the world to help his mother:

In this letter, Sajjad thanks individuals and organizations who have worked to save his mother. He has also written, “I thank the municipalities of Rome and Florence in Italy, for they endeavored to save my innocent mother. I ask all municipalities in the different capitals of the world, in a unified effort, to protest against the Islamic Republic’s sentence against my innocent mother, and to demand a commutation of the execution and stoning sentence against my mother.”

Another deadline has been set for the “final” decision on Ms Ashtiani’s fate – 2 weeks. Contrary to Iran propaganda, her stoning sentence was never vacated – just put on hold…until Mahmo returned from the UN.

Sajjad’s Sept 27 letter to European Union

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