Why are the liberal media’s main targets women?

October 5, 2010

And why are the women of liberal media saying nothing?

1-SARAH PALIN who is running for nothing and never will.

HYPOCRISY: Media continues their fascination with Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin and ignore the conviction of Palin’s email hacker who is the son of a Tennessee Dem State Rep.

2-MICHELE BACHMANN – haven’t heard much lately.

3-SHARRON ANGLE – Harry Reid’s opponent

HYPOCRISY: Reid’s own son isn’t even using his last name.

HYPOCRISY: Scummy third party candidate gets praised for secretly taping a conversation with Angle. No investigation into who he is getting his money from.

4-CHRISTINE O’DONNELL – the “witch”

Chris Matthews – O’Donnell is noteworthy for her simpleness.

HYPOCRISY: No mention that the real reason REP CASTLE lost was because of another woman – the Lady in Red – who asked Castle about barry’s birth certificate and then proceeded to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The media played the hell out of it without realizing it was cheap advertising for the budding Tea Party movement.

HYPOCRISY: PRES JIMMY CARTER and presidential candidate DENNIS KUCINICH (video) both swear they have seen UFOs.

5-GOV JAN BREWER – the xenophobic racist

HYPOCRISY: No mention that Gov Napolitano has the same legislation on her desk. No mention that barry never even talked to Brewer until after he said he was going to sue Arizona. No mention Eric Holder called the legislation prejudicial without even reading it. No mention of the federal government’s refusal to address the issue.  No mention that more illegal aliens – especially Hispanics – have been deported since barry has been in office. No mention that the real reason for the suit was so barry could send a report to the UN citing the Arizona immigration law – that has not gone into effect and probably never will – as an example of human rights violations in the US.

HYPOCRISY: No mention of illegal alien auntie who is still ripping off taxpayers in a system that “took advantage of her“.

6-MEG WHITMAN – the “illegal immigrant liar” – No mention that she was given false documents by the maid and when it was brought to her attention that the maid was in the country illegally – the maid was fired. No mention that Gloria Allred has done the same thing before in a case that failed in the courts. No mention that CNN’s own “factchecking” cleared Whitman.

HYPOCRISY: Treasury Secretary (aka IRS head) and former head of the NY Fed Reserve while Madoff was ripping people off, TIM GEITHNER not only cheated on his taxes multiple times – even after an audit – didn’t pay his housekeeper, who happened to be an illegal alien, while he was working for the International Monetary Fund.

HYPOCRISY: NANCY KILLEFER who was to be the First Performance Officer (no Senate confirmation) declined after it was disclosed she failed to pay unemployment compensation tax re: her household workers.

7-LINDA MCMAHON – Wrestling maven who knows nothing about real politics and wrongly exposed her opponent’s lies about serving in Vietnam.

HYPOCRISY: Media attacking Rep Mark Kirk over his war record lies.

HYPOCRISY: Seen any reports on the Democratic US senate candidate in SC, ALVIN GREENE, who won the primary without anyone, including Rep Jim Clyburn, knowing who he was?

Of course not – that would be racist.

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