SNL: “Harry Reid” brings up barry’s birth certificate


October 23, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Saturday Night Live opening sketch

Barry Stumping for Harry Reid

barry cheerleads – Reid says he doesn’t know barry that well and then mentions the birth certificate.

Reid went on record in Aug 2009 – called it a “phony issue”.

[Hand transcribed]

REID: Thank you President Obama for that gracious introduction…very gracious considering that we’re not really that close.

BARRY: He’s right. Not close at all.

REID: Think we’ve met maybe a half dozen times.

BARRY: If that. We barely know each other Nevada.

REID: And on a number of issues we have a number of disagreements.

BARRY: That’s right. We do.

REID: For one thing, I don’t understand why – if you were born in this country – you won’t just show us your birth certificate.

I mean – is that too much to ask?

BARRY: You’re right. I probably should.

REID: Just seems people have a right to know.

BARRY: You make a good point.

And that’s it.

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