Iran: Condemned woman’s son and lawyer kidnapped, tortured, held hostage by Ahmadinejad

October 28, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

The savagery continues in the land of Islam.

Ms Ashtiani is innocent of any and all crimes but she gets 99 lashes, imprisonment and a sentence of death by stoning. When her son speaks out, along with the rest of the civilized world, Ms Ashtiani gets another 99 lashes, is subjected to torture and at least one mock execution, is forced to appear on TV to “confess” to a crime the Iranian gov’t had already cleared her of and then is cut off from all contact with the outside world.

When her son continues to speak up, he is harassed and his phones are tapped. When her lawyer, Houtan Kian, challenges the Supreme Court, his office is broken into and her case files stolen. When her son asks the European Union and the United Nations to intercede on his mother’s behalf, nothing happens, so he reaches out to foreign media (in this case German) and the Islamic Republic of Iran kidnaps him, along with Kian and the 2 German journalists.

What happened next is still a mystery.

The 4 were arrested without warning on October 10th and have not been heard from since – even though they were allegedly scheduled to have a court hearing on Oct 19.

The Save Sakineh Campaign is reporting that Sajjad and Kian were tortured and that Kian and the 2 Germans were transferred to Tabriz prison on October 26 and that Sajjad’s location and condition remain unknown. Meaning Ahamdinejad could have already murdered him.

And all those “moderate Muslims” we hear about – including the man behind the 9-11 mosque – say absolutely nothing.

Full press release follows.

PR 82
27 October 2010
The Islamic regime has tortured Sajjad and Houtan Kian and the two German journalists have been transferred to Tabriz prison


According to information obtained by the International Committees against stoning and executions, Sajjad, the son of Sakineh and Houtan Kian, her lawyer, are subjected to pressure and severe torture in a prison of Tabriz.

According to our sources, Houtan and the two German journalists, who at the time of arrest, interviewed the son of Sakineh, were transferred to Tabriz prison on Tuesday October 26, 16 days after their arrest. The whereabouts of Sajjad remain unknown.

Our sources suggest that Sajjad, particularly during its first days of detention, was severely tortured, and that Houtan was harassed and beaten. The interrogations of Sajjad and Houtan have mainly been about their contacts with foreign media networks and the Campaign to Save Sakineh.

The International Committees against Execution and Stoning call upon all international humanitarian institutions, organizations, and people who have participated in the Campaign to Save Sakineh to condemn the Islamic regime for savagery and crime against these innocent people, and ask that they intensify their activities to free Sakineh, Sajjad, Houtan and the two German journalists.

Sajjad and Houtan’s only crime is their selfless attempt to save Sakineh’s life, this innocent woman who has been sentenced to death by stoning under medieval Islamic laws, who has suffered humiliation and 198 strokes of the lash. The two German journalists, held also in violation of all international laws, have done nothing but having met two Iranian citizens, Sajjad and Houtan, to write a report about real situation of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Sakineh and all four of those arrested [on October 10] must be released immediately and unconditionally.

The International Committees against Execution and Stoning finally call on all international institutions, organizations and people worldwide to actively participate in the campaign to free Sakineh and the other four.


Mina Ahadi
International Committee Against Executions
International Committee Against Stoning

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