Reminder: Wikileaks published Gov Palin’s illegally hacked emails

(12-7) Arrested, jailed in UK
Assange on Interpol’s Most Wanted List


Nov 30, 2010


Just a reminder of who wikileaks really is.


People should understand that WikiLeaks has proven to be arguably, the most trustworthy newsource that exists, because we publish primary source material and analysis based on that primary source material,

And this “most trustworthy newsource” accepted and published illegally hacked emails from the private account of then vice-presidential candidate/acting Alaska governor Sarah Palin. And when they learned the content posted on their site was no doubt about it hacked they refused to identify the hacker.

What pressing public need was there for Palin’s illegally obtained emails?

None. They were posted to damage Obama’s opponent and in the process drive traffic to wikileaks. A clear example of how little wikileaks cares about US law.

What’s not clear is how much wikileaks may/may not have directly helped/encouraged the hacker and why wikileaks wasn’t charged as an accessory.

The obamafan hacker, DAVID C KERNELL, son of State Rep Michael Kernell (D-TN-Memphis), was not as lucky.

He was convicted of felony destruction of records to hamper a federal investigation and misdemeanor unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer.

His sentence: 1 year in federal custody (location may be halfway house) and 3 years probation. Besides the fact he will forever be a convicted felon because wikileaks provided him a forum to post his illegal handiwork.

At his sentencing:

KERNELL: For the rest of my life I will feel ashamed and guilty for what I’ve done.

And what would he have been capable of had wikileaks not existed?

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