Is Assange’s “insurance” barry’s birth certificate?

Dec 7, 2010

Birth certificate posts

WikiLeaks chief arrested in London over rape ...

(AFP/File/Fabrice Coffrini)

…or maybe barry’s passport records or school records or medical history or surgical history or smoking history or any history. No way to know unless it’s released.

WIkileaks is like any other specialized terrorist group.

They make cowardly covert attacks instead of looking their enemy in the eye.

They claim they’re on the right side of history but don’t provide evidence to back it up.

They tout the absolute need for transparency! while blocking any and all attempts to hold them accountable.

They talk about Justice! as they break the law.

They threaten action, including the release of Weapons of Mass Destruction (what Assange’s lawyer termed a “thermonuclear device”) should something happen to their leader or their leader’s propaganda website.

Wikileaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson:

The insurance file will only be activated in the gravest of circumstances if WikiLeaks is no longer operational.

“Gravest of circumstance”?

Wikileaks seems to think wikileaks is vital to the running of the universe when their purpose is more narrow – the death and destruction of the US on the way to a New World Order.

Allegedly thousands of people have downloaded Assange’s “insurance file”. But they will only receive the key should wiklileaks be taken down or something “happens” to Assange.

What I don’t understand is how wikileaks can be absolutely certain the file won’t be accessed if nothing “happens”?

At least two people have to know the primary key and those two people had to have told at least one other person in case something happens to them and….

Imagine if wikileaks were to be found guilty – let’s say for simple possession of stolen goods. All those people who will/do have access to the files will also be guilty. Like the NY Times.

The mystery lies in who is ultimately behind wikileaks cuz it’s not Assange.

What’s google’s role in all of this?

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