Jay Leno re: Obama birth certificate, presidency, smoking

TheDec 10, 2010

Jay Leno monologue

[Hand-transcribed, abbreviations]

Birth certificate:

Yesterday evening President Obama and his fanily lit the National Christmas tree. It’s a 40-ft Colorado spruce…and of course, there’s already problems. Like some Republicans think they don’t really believe the tree is from Colorado and they want to see the birth certificate.


And this is so stupid. This is one of those stories that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Baltimore Oriole player Luke Scott says Pres Obama was not born here in the US. And Scott said, ‘If someone accused me of not being born here, I can produce a birth certificate in 10 minutes. To which half the Orioles bullpen ‘will ypou shut up – will you just be quiet’.


An new poll shows 51% of Americans think their life was better two years ago before Pres Obama took Office…To which Pres Obama said, ‘Join the club!’.

Nobel Peace Prize:

Actually, it was on this day one year ago that Pres Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize…the only thing in his presidency he hasn’t blamed on Pres Bush.


The WH announed today that Pres Obama is still trying to quit smoking – but he can’t. He can’t seem to quit smoking…he can’t get the 60 votes in the Senate needs to make it happen.

He really should quit – smoking just one cigarrette can damage your DNA.

Insane report by the way. Folks over 50 were exposed to cigarrette smoke everywhere as kids, including schools, churches and hospitals.

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