Islamic Republic propaganda trophies: Ms Ashtiani and son Sajjad (graphic photos)

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WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS immediately follow.

Dec 11, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts
“Re-enactment” 100% proves Ms Ashtiani’s innocence

Behold the mother and son propaganda trophies Ahmadinejad and the Larajanis are intent on murdering – laughing all the way ha ha ha  – while the UN and EU do nothing.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
(AFP/Getty Images / Guardian)


Contrary to a vast publicity campaign by Western media that confessed murderer Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been released, a broadcast production team with the Iran-based Press TV has arranged with Iran’s judicial authorities to follow Ashtiani to her house to produce a visual recount of the crime at the murder scene.

Quite an elaborate video recreation to try and convince folks that someone already sentenced to death would “confesses” to an already solved crime that also carries the death penalty.

Most familar photo of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, prisoner of the Islamic Republic of Iran, sentenced to death by stoning for a crime she did not commit.

After she had already been lashed 99 times for a different crime she did not commit.

While her 17 y/o son watched.

(video scresnshot – not Ms Ashtiani)

And when the world found out, the Islamic Republic of Iran tortured Ms Ashtiani, cut off her contact with her lawyer and family, subjected her to (at least one) mock execution and used as an excuse a miscaptioned photo (below) of exiled Iranian Susan Hejrat –

Susan Hejrat

– wearing dangly earrings incompatible with hijabs –

to lash Ms Ashtiani another 99 times.

For a total of 198 lashes

for crimes the whole world knows she did not commit.

And wehn the world protested, the Islamic Republic of Iran repsonded by torturing Ms Ashtiani and forcing her to “confess” on TV to a crime the entire world knows she didn’t do.

Propaganda: Video subtitling proved Ms Ashtiani could not have understood her “trials”.

They tried again.

It didn’t work.

Why would Ms Ashtiani “confess” to a crime the govt had already found her not guilty of?

Especially after her own son pardoned the man who committed the crime.

Taken on her daughter’s first day of school.

International Committee Against Stoning

So they moved on to the next available innocent victims.

They broke into Ms Ashtiani’s lawyer Houtan Kian’s office and stole her case files. They confiscated her husband’s murder file from the local police station and then kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned her son and lawyer, along with 2 German nationalists.

Note the plastic still on the chairs.


Neither have been allowed family visitation or the benefit of legal representation (don’t know about the Germans) with the exception of this latest made for TV propaganda perversity.

As a precursor to Ms Ashtiani’s execution, the Islamic Republic of Iran released unpixilated photos/video of mother and son sitting together (allegedly) in their home to make it appear the two were “released” along with the German journalists.

But it was more of the same tortured confession photo/video propaganda concerning the same crime the whole world knows neither of then had anything to do with…with a twist – Sajjad helped plan the murder.

For this one moment, each knew exactly where the other was and what was not being done to them.

Mother, son hostages/ ICAS

Leaving open the obvious question (which must not translate into Persian): Why would Sajjad pardon the murderer if he (Sajjad) and/or his mother had anything to do with the murder?

But here is where the Islamic Republic of Iran in all its infinite arrogance made a cardinal error – they released an unpixilated photo of Ms Ashtiani.

They made her real. They confirmed that the woman in the photos is the woman in the official court papers that was cleared of her husband’s murder.

They confirmed she is a real woman with a real son – both of whom are really incarcerated, really being tortured and really have very little chance at survival.

Meaning Ms Ashtiani’s real teenage daughter really is alone and as such really at risk.

Doubts may still arise about the accounts of what was done to Ms Ashtiani – but no one can doubt her existence.

(Another) Major propaganda blunder.

And all it takes is a glance to realize that what was done to her is way beyond what any secondhand account could ever convey.

What do you see?

(Str/AP / Guardian)

I see an exhausted haunted woman who clearly understands the gravity and significance of the moment.

And I hear this.

Greetings from Tabriz Prison Death Row:

I know you know what is happening to me and what they have done to my son.

I know you have been speaking for me – a woman and mother you have never met.

I am Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, mother of Sajjad and Farideh, and I am innocent of all crimes alleged against me.

Because of your protests they have severely tortured but not yet murdered me or my son.

But they have no intention of letting me go.

I understand that now.

As should you.

But my son still has a chance.

You heard his pleas on my behalf  – I humbly ask you hear mine:

Please don’t let them murder my son.

Please don’t let them hurt my daughter.

Please don’t forget all the other innocent women.

To the new woman president of Brazil:

I beseech you as leader of  a free nation to intercede on my son’s behalf.

He has done nothing wrong – his only crime, love for his mother and sister.

And I beseech you, mother to mother, to do what I can no longer do – provide my daughter a safe place to live and grow.

Only then will my suffering hold meaning for my granddaughters.

Thanks to you all.

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