Iran propaganda TV’s “re-enactment” of Ms Ashtiani’s alleged “crime” 100% proves her innocence


Dec 12, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts

Part 1, 2 (decided not to post videos here)

The mere existence of these videos proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran is covering up the wrongful imprisonment, torture and death sentence of Ms Ashtiani, as well as the kidnapping, torture and wrongful imprisonment of her son, Sajjad and her lawyer, Houtan Kian.

I will lay out proof piece by piece, including how they made the irrreparable and damning AND INCREDIBLY STUPID mistake of revealing relevant autopsy photos and court papers which prove Ms Ashtiani had NOTHING TO DO with the murder.

Suffice it to say, according to the presented video, it was a non-sexually motivated crime of torture, resulting in death, carried out by a non-woman (probably at least 2 men) and had nothing to do with adultery or Ms Ashtiani and more to do with money/drugs/things/family/work.

Mother and son outside their once home.

Wasn’t aware they celebrated Halloween in the Islamic Republic of Iran though it seems they do in Saudi Arabia.

(Video screenshot)

It’ll take a while to lay out all the conflicting evidence but all one needs is logic.  And in this case, the logic is universal to all humanity = irrespective of nation, gender, religion, culture, guilt, innocence, nature of the crime or anything else.


1-Crime A and Crime B each carry the death penalty.

2-Woman accused of Crime A.

3-Woman found not guilty of Crime A.

4-Man found guilty of A.

5-Crime A case closed.

6-Same woman accused of Crime B.

7-Court declares said woman mentally competent to participate in her trial. Meaning there is no evidence of mental impairment, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, medical conditions or medications that could impair her judgment.

Initial court declaration of sanity.

8-Woman convicted of Crime B and sentenced to death by stoning.

9-During her 5 years of captivity, there is no documented history of mental illness, drug addiction or mental illness

Years of documented sanity.

10-In fact, said woman does not want to die and says so in person to her family and to her lawyer and in her communications to the world.

11-World gets involved to help said woman fight her conviction/death sentence from Crime B.

12-Not long thereafter, and while said woman is aware the world has come to her aid, said woman voluntarily goes on TV and voluntarily confesses to the already solved Crime A.

Without attempting to exonerate herself from Crime B.

Without a deal concerning the death sentence of Crime A.

13-End result = 2 death sentences.

14-Said woman then appears on TV for a third time, unpixilated, and proves herself able to answer questions, follow directions and remember her lines.

Contemporaneous visual proof of sanity.

Now, a sane person might incriminate themselves if something positive or beneficial is offered to them in exchange, which, in Ms Ashtiani’s case, might include freedom for her son (and lawyer) or asylum for her children or commutation of her sentence to life in prison.

So, let’s see what Ms Ashtiani received for voluntarily asking for another death sentence.

Payoff from first “confession”

Son and lawyer restricted from visiting

Son and daughter disowned

Continued psychological/physical torture

99 lashes for miscaptioned Times photo

At least one mock execution

Cut off from outside world

Payoff from second “confession”

Son, lawyer kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned

2 German nationals kidnapped, imprisoned

Disowned 17 y/o daughter left alone, unable to communicate with mother or brother

Continued psychological/physical torture

Remains cut off from outside world

Payoff from third “confession”

Son and lawyer implicated, remain imprisoned

Son forced to play murdered father

Mother forced to reenact murder on her own son

Disowned daughter still unable to communicate with mother or brother

Continued psychological/physical torture

Remains cut off from outside world – aware she filmed the final “justification” for her murder

After 3 “confessions” Ms Ashtiani has received:

  • No commutation of death sentence
  • No reduction of sentence
  • No prison perks
  • No financial gain
  • No family assistance
  • No reinstatement of family visitation
  • No benefit of counsel re: “confessions”
  • No reinstatement of counsel visitation
  • No contact whatsoever with 17 y/o daughter
  • No guardian for 17 y/o daughter
  • No contact with son except to mock murder him
  • No Red Crescent visitation
  • No human rights group visitation
  • No nothing

End result of Ms Ashtiani’s 3 “confessions”:

  • 198 lashes
  • 5 years in prison
  • 5 years of physical and psychological torture
  • 3 forced TV appearances
  • 2 death sentences
  • 2 kidnapped, imprisoned German nationals
  • 1 asylumed lawyer + kidnapped, tortured wife
  • 1 kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned lawyer
  • 1 kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned son
  • 1 teenage daughter left to fend for herself in a country where any man can kill any woman and get away with.
  • 0 contact with family/lawyer/outside world
  • 0 hope

Hint to Propaganda Minister: If a woman so hates the father of her children that she is willing to murder him she is not going to don gloves and cleanse the skin before she injects him with a drug to sedate him when he is already asleep so she can then torture him to death after painstakingly splicing an electrical wire to wrap around his toe. And in the event a woman were to go to such lengths you best believe the wire would be wrapped around a very different stump and the electricity cranked while he was very much awake.


In the eyes of the law, one either wants to live or one wants to die. A sane person, in the eyes of the law, wants to live, which means a sane person, in the eyes of the law, does not want to die. And if a sane person does not want to die for a crime they are already sentenced to death for, they do not voluntarily confess to a solved crime that also carries with it a death sentence.

Ms Ashtiani was deemed sane in court, in prison, and in this video = Ms Ashtiani wants to live = Ms Ashtiani does not want to die = Ms Ashtiani would not voluntarily confess to a crime that would result in execution without some type of positive payoff.

And nothing the Islamic Republic of Iran does or says or videos or anything else can overcome this.


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s own propaganda video supplied direct proof of its own deception and in the process completely exonerated Ms Ashtiani.

1-Ms Ashtiani is sane. Too late to claim otherwise.

2-Ms Ashtiani’s behavior is inconsistent with that of a sane person.

3-Ms Ashtiani received nothing in exchange for behavior inconsistent with sane person and it’s too late to claim otherwise.


Degree of confidence: 100%


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