To: Islamic Republic of Iran Propaganda Minister re Ms Ashtiani “re-enactment”

Dec 13, 2010

Ashtiani/stoning posts
“Documentary” 100% proves Ms Ashtiani innocence

Dear IRI Propaganda Minister:

How much money have you spent trying to convince the world that this diminuitive, shawled housefrau (who looks like a nun) from a little town in stoneage Iran is guilty of something so heinous it justified death by stoning which you admit in the video is against your own laws?

[all screenshots]

Did you truly believe using Ms Ashtiani’s kidnapped, tortured and still imprisoned son to play his murdered father in a recreation in which his mother kills him was going to be well-received?

And, really, an Armenian priest, who couldn’t seem to keep the amusement of his face?

One white collar fits all non-Muslims?

Creative idea, though.

And if one had to chose who is the more menancing of the women in the video – this woman would win every time.

Major props though for updating to 21st Century propaganda…did you use cue cards or “incentive memorization”?

Which is not as obvious as holding a piece a paper and then looking down to read the answer.

As for the documentary itself – someone has a future in SCREAM! movies or is a superfan of Alfred Hitchcock.

HINT: Don’t document your mistreatment of prisoners on camera.

Now. In all seriousness.

Your “documentary” will be exhibit A and B in the murder investigation – and there will be no doubt that it is murder – of Ms Ashtiani and whomever else you murder related to this case should you execute her.

Your best bet is to fold. And the easiest way to do that is to say the airing of the documentary led to previously unknown leads that cleared Ms Ashtiani. Think: America’s Most Wanted.

The only other option is a pardon or a release on time served.

The confessed murderer is too much of a eunuch to come forward and admit Ms Ashtiani had nothing to do with it.


ISA TAHERI, pardoned by the son (Sajjad) of the man he murdered and willing to let Sajjad’s mother be executed for a crime she had nothing to do with.

Confessed murderer prefers women across the world think he is so little of a man he was unable to kill his own relative without the help of a tiny woman with a 5th grade education! And men to think he is so inept he needed 7 attempts to kill a sedated man already ill with the flu. And Muslims to know he refused to come to the aid of the very Muslim man who pardoned him, despite the common knowledge the man was being tortured.

That was the nail in your propaganda coffin, Propaganda Minister – the sight of the admitted murderer wandering free without even an explanation of why.

No one is going to accept that type of Iranian “justice”. Even if one believes the tiny, unsophisticated, far from malevolent woman shown in the video is guilty of anything other than being born female in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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