Oklahoma Muslims offer food, blankets to homeless – but only if they enter mosque on Christmas


Dec 16, 2010

In Nov, Oklahomans voted overwhelming (7:3) to ban the use Islamic law (Sharia law) in OK state courts.

But the will of the people as decided upon by the people as dictated under the US Constitution was not enough for Oklahoma Muslims, who claim banning an unconstitutional rule of law (Shariah) violates their Constitutional rights.

How vile is claiming protection of the very thing one wants to destroy?

And why is it the world must accept Islam when Islam does not accept non-Muslims?

The issue is very clear.

cnn screenshot

  • US rule of law = Constitution
  • Constitution = Men and women equal
  • Shariah = Men and women NOT EQUAL
  • Shariah law = unConstitutional
  • Use of unConstitutional law violates a woman’s Constitutional rights.
  • Any decision based on violation of Constitutional rights is unConstitutional.
  • Which means Shariah, by definition, can never successfully be used in a US court.

Meaning the referendum should not be necessary. (The NJ marital rape impossible in Islam decision proved it is.)

So what is the true reason Oklahoma Muslims are protesting the banning of an unConstitutional rule of law that considers women and girls nothing more than reproductive chattel?


And spearheading the opposition ot the Constitution is Muslim Muneer Awad who claims the referendum was passed “under a campaign of fearmongering” and is prejudicial to Islam and would cause him “irreparable injury”.

His brief is absolutely hilarious and reads like all the other persecution without proof propaganda. Problem being folks are tired of the victimhood, which is all they have. Without it – and the accompanying media distraciton of political correctness (referred to as American stupidity) – folks would see the only reason why someone – who truly believes in the Constitution and truly believes women are equal to men – would oppose the Shariah ban is if they do not want Shariah banned.

Under Shariah a woman’s testimony counts as half a man. A wife is considered property of her husband who is free to have other wives and mistresses. Children have no rights. Mothers have no custodial rights as concerns the children they have given birth to and no say should the child’s father want to sell their 7 y/o daughter to a 70 y/o pedophile.

Shariah has no place in America. It is the antithesis of the US Constitution. And accusations of intolerance and islamophobia are never going to change that.

By opposing the referendum, Awad is saying he finds nothing wrong with Shariah law, which says women are subservient to men in all facets of life, and allows for marital rape, genital mutilation, dishonor murders, child sex slavery, child rape, pedophilia, polygamy, disfigurement, amputation of healthy extremities and capital punishment, including stoning.

So, in an attempt to help their own cause and distract from the referendum, Oklahoma Muslims have decided to make a laughingstock of Christmas, Christians, and the community at large by bribing the hungry homeless with a promise of a “full meal” and a blanket  – BUT ONLY IF THEY VISIT A MOSQUE ON CHRISTMAS. Specifically, Masjid an-Nasr, which translates to “Victory Mosque”. And the oh most generous Muslims want you to know they will provide shuttle service to and from the “Jesus House and the Rescue Mission“.


And what exactly has the mosque previously done for the community – as in before the Shariah referendum came to be? Denounced Shariah law? Sponsored non-Muslim sports team? Established outreach programs to the hungry and homeless? Supported battered women shelters? Donated to non-Muslim charities? Volunteered for neigborhood watch? Volunteered at hospitals or nursing homes or retirement centers?

Nope. They’re idea of “helping” the community is fighting the will of the community as decided democratically in a voting booth and holding Islam education meetings (because dontcha know stupid Americans just don’t understand Islam), and insulting the community with bribes of hostaged food and blankets on Christmas.

Their “offer” of outreach is no different than preying upon a disabled person.

If Oklahoma Muslims really and truly cared about the needy they would have done something before now, they would have chosen a different day and a different location, or simply showed up at the shelter like other volunteers do without issuing a press release.

How much money do you think they plan on making with their propaganda video showing non-Muslim Americans entering a mosque on Christmas?

It’s time for the community to investigate how much money raised at the mosque goes to non-Muslim charities and how much money flows into the mosque from Saudi Arabia.

Awad’s name was listed in their Dec 4th press release (pdf) but there were no quotes from him.

Saad Mohammed (ICO) leveraging the hungry and homeless to “show” the community – not help it.

This is a time of giving and providing for those who can not provide for themselves. We want to help people and show the community that we are a part of this community and we are here to help those who are in need.

Utter BS. And this proves it:

We ask the media to please help us inform the community of our efforts.

If they actually cared they would go down to the shelter in person and walk the streets to publicize their “charity” personally –  not issue a press release.

Chief “holy man” Imad Enchassi:

Our faith teaches us to reach out to those who are in need. To be the strength for the weak and the motivation for the hopeless.

That would include calling out members of your own community and making sure the “motivation” for the Muslim hopeless is not self-detonation-detonation of innocent non-Muslims.


I’m looking over my shoulder for the first time.

Meaning he hasn’t had any problem since 9-11.

Same comments came out of NY and Tennessee mosque protests – didn’t even realize what they were saying or providing proof of. And why is it these Muslim “holy men” think so highly of themselves they believe someone would bother tracking them down when it is perfectly clear what frauds they are?

Think Enchassi is going to proclaim to all those in attendance that Islam is the only! true religion and that they must desist! and refrain! from Christianity and submit! to Islam to be saved, as he does on the website?

Enchassi: Say not: “Trinity”…Desist! Refrain! Better will it be for you. For God is only one God.”

Enchassi: Islam is the universal message of God to mankind.

Enchassi: Our creator will not accept any other way of life as He Himself asserts.

Enchassi: Considering submission and obedience to God is the only Savior from all of society’s evils and most importantly it is the only option you have that can deliver you from Hell-Fire.

Enchassi: Submit yourself to the Will of God before it is too late.

Too late?

I hope the community sees their “press release” for what it is: a filthy attempt to take advantage of the needy in order to promote their own agenda.

Think the Muslim hosts will inform their “guests” that the meat came from awake unanesthetized animals bled to death and blessed in Allah’s name?

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