OK Muslims bribe homeless with offers of food, blanket…but only if they enter a mosque on Christmas

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December 25, 2010


Since the original post about this was initially published on Dec 16, this site has seen a significant drop in traffic. A sure sign it needs repeating. Particularly on the day commemorating Jesus’ birth – a day sacred to Christians everywhere. Including the homeless Oklahoma Christians who were offered bribes of food and blankets and free transportation from a Catholic mission named after Jesus to a “victory mosque” by a group of suddenly charitable on the 1-year anniversary of the diaper bomber Oklahoma Muslims.

A selfless anonymous group of Oklahoma Muslims who wanted to prove to the “the community” aka non-Muslims aka Christians aka stupid Americans how much they cared about videotaping hungry and homeless Christians walking into a mosque on Christmas that they issued a press release to “ask the media to please help [them] inform the community of [their] efforts”. [Full text bel0w]

And it was this very same selfless group of Oklahoma Muslims who took exception to the will of Oklahomans as decided upon by Oklahomans in a democratically held election.

And what exactly are they taking exception to?

Banning the use of Islamic law – Shariah law – in Oklahoma state courts.

cnn screenshot

And what is Shariah law?

Shariah = the law of Islam that sanctions genital mutilation (pix below), child rape and child sex slavery aka “child marriage” aka 8 year-old girls being raped and sodomized by the 80 y/o pedophiles their father sold them to.

What possible justification could Oklahoma Muslims have for fighting the ban on such horror?

(Stephanie Sinclair / NY Times)

What human being would not want this banned from the planet?

Shariah = the law of Islam that says females are inferior to males and should be treated accordingly. Women/girls are considered property of their husbands/fathers/male relatives without the most basic right of choosing their clothing.


Something that has no place in America.

Shariah = the law of Islam that allows Muslim men to kill Muslim women whenever, wherever, and for whatever reasons they like. AKA “honor killings”.

In this case, tracking down and stoning to death in the street an innocent young girl admist the pious shouts of allahu akbar! while police do nothing.

An act permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that permits Muslim men to stone to death an innocent women on the basis of their “knowledge” that an illicit sexual relationship took place without having to name the woman’s alleged sexual partner.

An act permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that has no provision for marital rape.

Which almost worked in NJ – a reminder that there are not enough women jurists and an absolute example of why Shariah must be definitively excised from US law.

(screenshot from protest video by Farshad Hoseini)

An act permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that allows a husband to rape to death his new “bride” to prove he consummated the marriage and allows the Muslim doctor who sent the bride home to die at the hands of a man he knew was a rapist to go unpunished.

Burying alive will do when the prescribed sized stones (or cinderblocks) are too much trouble.

An act permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that sentences a 19 y/o girl who was GANG-RAPED BY 7 MEN ONE RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER WITH EACH OF THEM TAKING A SECOND TURN to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail because she was in the company of a men not her relatives.

It took a pardon by the King to stop her sentence from being carried out and only then because of immense international pressure.

Savagery permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that finds it acceptable to execute minors and non-heterosexuals and display them en masse on execution cranes. A favorite in Iran.

Permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not have banned.

Shariah = the law of Islam that permits a father to bury alive his teenage daughter and/or stab her 68 times for “not choosing the Muslim way” aka using a cellphone.

The murdered teenager was unearthed from this hole, which was covered over with cement. She was found lodged in the sitting position having suffocated – fully alert – on the feces laden soil her father and grandfather methodically heaped on her. Imagine her terror.

The hole where a 16-year-old girl was buried alive by her relatives in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey
An act permissible under the law Oklahoma Muslims are fighting to not ban.

Shariah = the law of Islam that permits eye for an eye retribution – such as throwing acid into perfectly healthy eyes or chopping off a hand or a foot or paralyzing a perfectly normal human body as recently requested in Saudi Arabia.

Shariah = the law of Islam that permits mob justice. As in the brutal murder of two little boys – brothers approx 9 and 10 – who were beaten to death with long wooden sticks, dragged to a truck, thrown in it like a sack of feed, and for maximum bloodlust, driven to the city square (a large developed city), kicked out of the truck, dragged over to a scaffolding of sorts and hung upside down for the pleasure of the ubiquitous crowd of only men shouting the familiar pious refrain: allahu akbar.

And how do I know this happened?

I watched the video. Start to finish. Audio included. And then I watched it again focused on the crowd. No human being who actually believes in God could watch those 90-lb children be murdered more than once and remain sane. The two little boys lying defenseless on the ground, shirts off, no shoes, upper bodies grotesquely swollen in places – caved in in others. Their bruised naked and lifeless torsos still making sounds as a boy no much older whacks away without a single man stepping forward to stop him.

Naked hate that cannot be stopped with airport pat-downs of Catholic nuns by hijabbed Muslims who claim pat-downs violate their religious rights.

The madness of political correctness.


Words cannot describe the savagery – the look on the face of the child joining in – the sounds of encouragement from the devout Muslims gathered round. A video that was proudly made proudly showing a man with POLICE written on his back proudly doing nothing.

Screenshot for the nonbelievers will follow in a different post.

Shariah, by definition, can never successfully be used in US courts because it is fundamentally unConstitutional (women and men are not equal). Which means any decision based on Shariah is unConstitutional. Meaning there should be no need to have to ban it and there shouldn’t be anyone opposing the ban.

As for the suit itself, the Oklahoma Muslim man who brought it has no more standing than the plaintiffs who attempted to sue barry. Both claim a hypothetical injury = no likelihood of possible redress = no standing = no case.


The only way they can stop the ban, which would be a compete dismissal of the will of Oklahomans, is through public opinion. Like using press releases to advertise their charitable bribe on Christmas of food and a blanket…but only if the Christians leave the Christian shelter named after Jesus and enter a mosque on Christmas.

Bonus for the charitably transported hungry homeless is a starring role in the propaganda video: Americans Are So Stupid We Bribed Them With Food To Walk Into A Mosque On Christmas And Then They Let Us Film Them.

Ask yourself what the real reason is Oklahoma Muslims find banning Shariah unacceptable.

What circumstances would folks who claim they believe in the Constitution and are seeking protection under it think such savageness would have any place in America – let alone US courts – let alone anywhere in the world?

There is only one reason: They find Sharia acceptable and want at a later date to implement it.

Ask yourself how you would feel if the will of the people as decided on by the people of Oklahoma was stricken down because of political correctness and later served as precedence in civilian prosecutions of the ever devout islamoterrorists who kill anonymous Americans in the name of Islam.

Then ask yourself why the man behind the mosque – who equates Shariah with the US Constitution – won’t move from Ground Zero and why he finds it acceptable to tell Muslims around the world that Americans are islamophobic because they are ignorant of Islam.

How much more does one need to know about Islam when this man who refuses to speak out against Hamas is considered reputable?

A man who winced on camera and looked around the room when he heard his blaming America for 9-11 comments.

A man who equates Shariah law with Amerian law while refusing to condemn child rape, genital mutilation, dishonor murders, corporal punishment, public executions and stoning.

A man whose ignorance of America – in particular, New Yorkers – was made perfectly clear when he threatened Americans should the mosque be moved.

But it was the dis of Donald Trump and request for 9-11 funds to build their 9-11 victiory mosque that killed any chance of that mosque ever being built in that location – no matter how loud the cries of islamophobia.



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