Gov Abercrombie wants to “take care” of the birther problem by releasing “more explicit documentation” of barry’s alleged Kapiolani birth

Dec 25, 2010

Birth certificate posts

Now that it’s time for barry to declare his run for re-election, it’s time to attack the birthers. Leading the attacker is Neil Abercrombie – the only person on earth who has vouched for barry’s Hawaii birth.

According to the NY Times, Politico and the Honolulu Advertiser, the newly elected governor of Hawaii is “incensed over ‘birthers'” (described only as the subswt who think barry was born in Kenya) and has:

initiated conversations with the state’s attorney general and the chief of its Health Department about how he can release more explicit documentation of Mr. Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital.

Didn’t the HI Dept of Health director, Dr Fukino, already do that – twice?

Nothing – explicit or otherwise – has been released that mentions a specific hospital other than the Kapiolani letter. Which conveniently disappeared from their website within hours of its “discovery” by WND (6 months after it was posted).

There was no evidence of the letter on the WH website (not much to look through 4 days into a presidency) and as far as I am aware the WH has never confirmed the letter’s existence. Lester Kingsolver is the only person I have heard directly ask Gibbs about the Kapiolani letter / barry’s birth hospital and Gibbs said he didn’t know about either.

barry’s original long form birth certificate should state his birthplace but Dr Fukino admitted barry’s original birth certificate isn’t enough when she changed the wording from “original birth certificate” to “original vital recordS”.

So why is that COLB – which they have insisted all along is the same as a birth certificate and all barry can get – no longer enough?

Because the secy of state says it isn’t. And without the secy of state’s approval barry’s term ends Jan 2013.

Which is why Abercrombie has to release something and why he has to pretend he’s releasing it because he doesn’t want barry’s deceased parents to be insulted.

Why is it they always forget barry’s sister?


Early 2008: barry asked to provide proof of Constitutional eligibility – aka his birth certificate – which he stated in his book he once was in possession of. Meaning he knows what’s on it.

June 7: Sen Clinton officially suspends her campaign.

June 9: NPR asks for copy of barry’s birth certificate.

June 12: With “Hillary” out of the way, Kos posts the first version of barry’s unvouched for non birth certificate COLB.

Aug 21 2008: First “birther” lawsuit filed by Democrat Phil Berg.

Aug 27, 2008: The HI Democratic Party’s refuses to certify barry’s eligibility – going so far as directly excising the Constitutionally eligible clause from their paperwork. Which is the reason the not at all randomly assigned convention chairperson Nancy Pelosi signed two different Official Certification of Nomination forms and why the one given only to HI contained verbatim what the HI Dem Party excised.

Jan 24, 2009: Rep Abecrombie reads aloud (on video) barry’s now disappeared Kapiolani is the hospital of my birth letter, declaring the letter “settled the question once and for all”.

Why did Abercrombie need a letter to settle once and for all something he said he has known firsthand for almost 50 years?

July 2009: After the House passed a (legally worthless) resolution that incidentally stated barry was born in Hawaii, Rep Abecrombie again proclaims the issue dead.

May 2010: Gov Lingle tells Rabbi Schmuly the press release she and Dr Fukino issued said barry “was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii”. An easily proven lie. Fukino statements 1, 2.

Summer/Fall 2010: Rep Abercrombie says little about the issue during his gubernatorial campaign.

Dec 6, 2010: Abercrombie sworn in as governor.

Dec 6, 2010: Dr Fukino relieved of position as head of HI DOH  – said to be routine change of administrations.

Stage set for new documents to appear with a new person vouching for them to satisfy the new ballot laws.

Dec 14: LTC Lakin convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Dec 24: NY Times – Abercrombie states he is motivated solely out of respect for barry’s parents and is acting on his own without any pressure from the WH (which of course has no comment).

[all emphasis added]

ABERCROMBIE: He’s a big boy; he can take sticks and stones. But there’s no reason on earth to have the memory of his parents insulted by people whose motivation is solely political. Let’s put this particular canard to rest.

All the birthers have been asking for.

ABERCROMBIE: It’s an insult to his mother and to his father, and I knew his mother and father; they were my friends, and I have an emotional interest in that. It’s an emotional insult. It is disrespectful to the president; it is disrespectful to the office.

barry’s refusal to release the records is an insult to The American People. And whatever is finally released better stand up to scrutiny. The release of anything at this point is in itself an admission the previous vouched for information wasn’t enough. And if it wasn’t enough before – why did they say it was?

Abercrombie’s pist his fellow legislators didn’t take his word for it.

ABERCROMBIE: My thought was, ‘Wait a minute, why didn’t you ask me, my friends in the national Congress, the House of Representatives?’ They know me, they know that I was here, but they didn’t even bother to have the courtesy to do that, which is disappointing to me, because it is very difficult for me not to conclude that bills like that are meant as a coded message that he is not really American.

My thought is, rather than get into some kind of argument or play into that mentality, why not just simply try to authenticate this and let the facts speak for themselves?

All the birthers have been asking for.

Bottom line – Abercrombie did not witness barry’s birth and cannot provide firsthand knowledge/proof of the location of barry’s birth.

Politico: Though he says he was not at the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu when Obama was born — a fact likely to be latched onto by ‘birthers’ — he has long spoke of being around Obama when he was a baby.

Didn’t see barry at Kapiolani or any other hospital.

NYT: Mr. Abercrombie, 72, said that although he did not see the elder Obamas at the hospital with their newborn son, he did remember the couple bringing the baby to social events.

Recall Abercrombie’s admission that when he visited barry sr in Africa in 1968, barry sr never once asked about or mentioned barry or his mother. He went on to say he remembered Ann “appearing at some of the weekend gatherings” but said nothing about seeing Ann, barry sr and barry jr together or living together as a family. Abercrombie’s own brother Hal said he had never seen Stanley Ann and barry sr together.

Point of no return.

ABERCROMBIE: I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.’

All the while admitting he has absolutely no proof.

1- Why has only one person come forward.

2-Why has the only person to come forward have no proof.

3-Why has no hospital claimed the first native Hawaii-born president as their own.

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