History Channel: “President’s Book of Secrets”

Dec 28, 2010


The History Channel’s documentary: “President’s Book of Secrets” is worth watching, especially as regards barry.

Jonathon Alter, in his zeal to make excuses for barry, reveals truth.

ALTER: No matter how much President Obama says that he doesn’t want to be surrounded by yes men, as he told me in an interview that I did with him, he said: A lot of times they won’t say it to me directly – and I’ll only find out later that they object’.

So, a lot of times the president doesn’t get the information he needs because people feel intimidated or they don’t want to be argumentative without the president.

Translation – barry is:

  • Not a man of superior judgment
  • Not a good read of character
  • Not a personally powerful person
  • And not treated like one
  • Not a decisive commander in chief
  • And not treated like one
  • Not an effective chief executive
  • And not treated like one

If he were any of the above – it wouldn’t happen “a lot of times”.

Also mentioned:

-The importance of the president’s personal history, medical records and college records.

Occidental barry, Columbia Bill

(Oxy College, Jeff Sciortino / Chicago Magazine)

Which in barry’s case (along with his birth records) have have been intentionally kept from the American People by the MSM.

-The importance of the president’s unofficial advisors aka “kitchen cabinet” described as “alliances that become so important very often they stretch back to their days in college.”

Which is why Mr Transparency I Will Never Lie To You is fighting in court to keep The American People from seeing them.

-The importance of the president’s medical history.

Which is why Mr Transparency I Will Never Lie To You released a couple of paragraphs of nothing. No childhood, surgical, psychiatric or addiction history provided for a man who has lived in other countries, has a strong family history of cancer and psychiatric disorders and has the power to annihilate mankind.

Shown screen a right profile of barry as the narrator said:

Perhaps the final chapter in the president’s book of secrets would cover the most carefully guarded issues related to the US chief executive –  including information related to the president’s physical and mental health. The responsibility of protecting, and if necessary, concealing the presidents’ health falls to a private physician who travels with the chief executive 24 hours a day.

How many folks know the smoker-in-chief’s physician?

Dr Connie Mariano (Clinton Administration):

One of the challenges of the White House physician is dealing with the legacy that you’ve inherited from the prior administrations – meaning there were medical issues that you did not reveal to the press – that you hid – that you even denied.

No such problem with this administration.

The press has not only not asked – they’ve attacked any/all who do.

Truth in barrymedia: birther ad is racist.

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