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Cartoon: barry & Boehner

January 8, 2011

Interesting coloring choice.

[Joel Pett / Lexington Herald-Leader / McClatchey]

(Video) “Birther” objects during House reading of the Constitution

January 7, 2011

Jan 7, 2011

Birth certificate posts

During the House reading of the Constitution Theresa Cao took the opportunity to make her feelings known when Rep Frank Pallone (D-NJ) reached Article 2 Section 1.

PALLONE:…shall be eligible for the Office of President —

CAO: Except Obama! Except Obama! Help us Jesus!

Anderson Cooper put Cao on his “Ridiculist”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Huffington Post (Alvin McEwen) went one further:

The only thing I can say is that there seems to be a short connection between rabid homophobia, Obama Derangement Syndrome, religious zealotry, and sheer lunacy.

Ms Cao was arrested on charges of unlawful conduct, disruption of Congress.

Cartoon: Obama answer to islamoterrorism

January 7, 2011

[Lee Judge / The Kansas City Star / McClatchey ]

Cartoon: Speaker Boehner’s White House Welcome

January 6, 2011

JAN 5, 2010

Name something barry has personally fought for.

[Rex Babin / Sacramento Bee / Politicalhumor ]

His tax cave is just his latest broken campaign promise.

Now consider what issues he has chosen to make a stand on: Prof Gates, Kayne West, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, 9-11 Victory mosque and Arizona immigration bill. The latter used as an example of human rights violations in the US when it has yet to be fully enacted.

Video: Robert Gibbs re his WH exit

January 5, 2011

JAN 5, 2010

Here’s Robert Gibbs at the daily press briefing discussing his exit.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Provided transcript follows

barry’s comments


Robert Gibbs leaving White House

January 5, 2011

JAN 5, 2010

Robert Gibbs is out. Spin it however you like.

3 down….a whole lot more to go.

barry spoke to NY Times via phone.

BARRY: Robert, on the podium, has been extraordinary. Off the podium, he has been one of my closet advisers. He is going to continue to have my ear for as long as I’m in this job.

We’ve been on this ride together since I won my Senate primary in 2004. He’s had a six-year stretch now where basically he’s been going 24/7 with relatively modest pay. I think it’s natural for someone like Robert to want to step back for a second to reflect, retool and that, as a consequence, brings about both challenges and opportunities for the White House.

Gibbs continued the party line. (video)

GIBBS: Stepping back will take some adjusting. But at the same time, I have a feeling that I will keep myself quite busy, not just with speaking, but continuing to help the president.

This has been an extraordinary journey, an amazing privilege to serve the country and to serve this president. It’s an opportunity, quite frankly, of a lifetime. But it’s important to take a step back and recharge, ahead of 2012, when we transition to the task of re-electing the president.

Chuck Todd video report


Clear proof of site censorship

January 5, 2011

Jan 5, 2010


How much money is WordPress making off mature spam/referrals to non mature WP blogs?

January 4, 2011

Jan 4, 2010

Why does WordPress allow any spam with any reference to any mature content to reach blogs that aren’t maximum rated? Why do they have blog ratings if WP bloggers can’t block mature content from ever reaching them? And why does WP continue to allow such filth to reach a blog that has paid to have all ads removed and has repeatedly pointed out the problem to them without resolutiion?

Because they make money off every single referrer/spam (even from known mature sites) on the blogs they falsely claim are “free”.

WP could put an end to it immediately – but they haven’t.

Proof they care more about the money they’re making off folks’ who aren’t even aware WP puts ads on their blogs.

To start, mature WP blogs should have a special designation so anything coming from them can be blocked from ever reaching people who want to see it. Nothing higher rated should be able to access a lower rated site for any reason.


Cartoon: Preview of Obama 2.011

January 4, 2011

The question as always – who’s the dealer?

[Jim Morin / Miami Herald]

Obama cartoon: 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2011

Jan 1, 2011

Why do folks think 2011 is going to be any different?

[Clay Bennett / Chatanooga Times / Politicalhumor]

Latest Sakineh – Sajjad propaganda video (Sajjad says mom’s a murderer – mom says she wants Sajjad to sue Germans)

January 2, 2011

Jan 1, 2011

Ashtiani/stoning posts

The Islamic Republic of Iran thinks it’s humorous to have Ms Ashtiani’s son state his mother is guilty of murder and then plead for clemency when the whole world knows his mother had nothing to do with the murder and that Sajjad would not say such a thing unless his 17 y/o sister’s life was threatened, which is why, for the first time, his sister was involved in the charade.

Is this a smile a mother gives to the son who just accused her of murdering his father?

According to multiple reports, Ms Ashtiani was allowed to eat dinner with her son and daughter in a “guesthouse” belonging to a “government welfare organization,” which was planned by the “provincial justice department”.

EagleTribune: Local officials who organized yesterday’s interview had originally told journalists they would meet his mother Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani as well, but then they said the proper procedures had not been followed to give her leave from prison.

All the people connected to the case have been in prison in Tabriz.

Several unidentified people, apparently local officials and possibly plainclothes security officers, were present during the interview.

After the interview, journalists were allowed to photograph and film Qaderzadeh meeting with his mother and eating dinner but no questions were permitted.

Sajjad allegedly told the press he was released from prison Dec 12th after his family allegedly posted $40K bail. (If you saw the previous propaganda reenactment, you’d know they are not at all wealthy people.) I don’t know if Sajjad was ever formally charged with anything. His mother’s lawyer, HOUTAN KIAN, remains imprisoned, as do the 2 Germans he was arrested with (entering as tourists, then reporting), who were allowed their first family visit on the 27th.

Hint to propaganda minister: It’s impossible to believe a man’s been released on bail when he’s wearing the same clothing as he was in the re-enactment video. Props for giving him his glasses back.

Ms Ashtiani was angry her previous lawyers (Mostafaie & Kian), the 2 German journalists, Mina Ahadi (ICAS) and her husband’s confessed murder “disgraced” her and she wants her son – who allegedly said his mother is a murderer – to sue them.

What kind of drugs does one have to smoke to come up with such craziness?


Brazil: First woman president, Dilma Rousseff, sworn in

January 2, 2011

Jan 1, 2011

Brazil swore in their first woman president Dilma Rousseff (pix) with VP Michel Temer.

Congratulations Madame President!

Newly sworn-in Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her vice president, Michel Temer, wave during their inauguration in Brasilia on Saturday.

(Adriano Machado/AFP/Getty Images)

Dilma Rousseff:

From now on I am the president of all Brazilians.

I am committed to honoring women, to protecting the most vulnerable and to govern for all.

There is still poverty shaming our country. I will not rest while there are Brazilians without food on their table, homeless in the streets and poor children abandoned to their luck.

Sure hope President Rousseff doesn’t forget about Lula’s offer of asylum to Ms Ashtiani and her family.

Lula, who blamed blue-eyed folks for the global economic woes, conned folks into giving Brazil the 2012 World Cup and 2016 Olympics knowing he would not be the one responsible should they fail.