Latest Sakineh – Sajjad propaganda video (Sajjad says mom’s a murderer – mom says she wants Sajjad to sue Germans)

Jan 1, 2011

Ashtiani/stoning posts

The Islamic Republic of Iran thinks it’s humorous to have Ms Ashtiani’s son state his mother is guilty of murder and then plead for clemency when the whole world knows his mother had nothing to do with the murder and that Sajjad would not say such a thing unless his 17 y/o sister’s life was threatened, which is why, for the first time, his sister was involved in the charade.

Is this a smile a mother gives to the son who just accused her of murdering his father?

According to multiple reports, Ms Ashtiani was allowed to eat dinner with her son and daughter in a “guesthouse” belonging to a “government welfare organization,” which was planned by the “provincial justice department”.

EagleTribune: Local officials who organized yesterday’s interview had originally told journalists they would meet his mother Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani as well, but then they said the proper procedures had not been followed to give her leave from prison.

All the people connected to the case have been in prison in Tabriz.

Several unidentified people, apparently local officials and possibly plainclothes security officers, were present during the interview.

After the interview, journalists were allowed to photograph and film Qaderzadeh meeting with his mother and eating dinner but no questions were permitted.

Sajjad allegedly told the press he was released from prison Dec 12th after his family allegedly posted $40K bail. (If you saw the previous propaganda reenactment, you’d know they are not at all wealthy people.) I don’t know if Sajjad was ever formally charged with anything. His mother’s lawyer, HOUTAN KIAN, remains imprisoned, as do the 2 Germans he was arrested with (entering as tourists, then reporting), who were allowed their first family visit on the 27th.

Hint to propaganda minister: It’s impossible to believe a man’s been released on bail when he’s wearing the same clothing as he was in the re-enactment video. Props for giving him his glasses back.

Ms Ashtiani was angry her previous lawyers (Mostafaie & Kian), the 2 German journalists, Mina Ahadi (ICAS) and her husband’s confessed murder “disgraced” her and she wants her son – who allegedly said his mother is a murderer – to sue them.

What kind of drugs does one have to smoke to come up with such craziness?

Here’s a video clip from Reuters. More quotes follow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



I want my voice to be heard. I want to complain about the German reporters who made this case even more complicated and worsened my situation. Why did they come posing as journalists?


My mother and Mr Isa Taheri killed my father. They are both guilty. I don’t say my mother is not guilty. However, in my opinion at the time, I beleived that by kicking up a fuss my mother would be released. This did not happen, and the siuituation worsened.

Following quotes complied from: YAHOO, BBC, France24, Reuters, EagleTribune.

Don’t know if an official translation was handed out or if each source had their own translator since some of the quotes don’t jive exactly.


I have come in front of the cameras at my own will to talk to the world.

I am willing to talk because many people exploited (the case) and said I have been tortured, which is a lie.

Whatever interview I have given so far, I have given voluntarily. No one has forced me. I have spoken on my own accord.

Ask yourself why a woman condemned to death by stoning/hanging would be worried about being embarrassed/disgraced.


I have a complaint about the two Germans who have embarrassed me. Why did they come here? Why did they come here and pose as journalists?

Leave my case alone. Why do you disgrace me?

I have told Sajjad… to sue the ones who have disgraced me and the country.

And Sajjad, who has risked his life for his mother’s freedom, suddenly says she’s guilty of murder.

Main Image

(Morteza Nikoubazl/Reuters)


In my opinion my mother is also guilty but since we have lost our father we do not want to lose our mother too. Consequently, we ask for a commutation of the penalty.

We lost our father and we don’t want to lose our mother. We demand that her verdict be commuted.

I do not think that my mother is innocent. She is certainly guilty. However, the decision has to be made by our country’s officials. They may change the stoning sentence to some other verdict.

By mentioning the stoning sentence, Sajjad proves Ahmadinejad lied when he said to the world that Ms Ashtiani was NOT sentenced to stoning.


My mother has been sentenced to stoning... I want her death sentence to be dropped. This is my request.

The stoning sentence is on the file but it may not be carried out. At least this is what we are hoping.

I thought if the case becomes controversial, she would be freed. But it did not happen.

It’s clear the IRI wants to get back at Ms Ahadi, who fled Iran after they murdered her husband in the same prison. I know nothing about the allegation that Sajjad’s murdered father was a drug addict – but it is perfectly clear from the evidence provided in the reenactment his murder was not sexually motivated.


I planned this myself and searched on the Internet and found Mina Ahadi who introduced me to Mostafaie. He charged 20 million rials (2,000 dollars) and then escaped without even meeting me or my mother.

What Mostafaie recently said that my father was a drug addict is a lie. He has made this up.

I want to complain against Ahadi because she abused the case, Mostafaie for his false interviews, Houtan Kian for his advice to make the case more controversial and the two German reporters who entered the country as tourists.

The real murderer – ISA TAHERI (pix) – is such a eunuch he needed a woman with a 5th grade education to help render an already sleeping man unconscious so he could electrocute him.  And even then, it took Taheri 7 attempts before the man died.


The question is why is Taheri free?

He misused our desperation at that time to get our approval, but I will get Issa even if I have to study law.

I’ll get Taheri to face justice even if I need to become a lawyer or memorize the book of law.

Earth to Propaganda Minister:

1-Sajjad pardoned the murderer of his father.

2-Sajjad asked for international assistance to stop his mother’s murder by stoning for her alleged crime of adultery – not murder.

3-Sajjad, prior to his kidnapping and torture, wrote/spoke passionately in defense of his mother.

4-If Sajjad thought his mother actually murdered his father, he would not have pardoned the man who admitted to murdering his father and he certainly wouldn’t have brought attention to his mother’s case.

5-If Sajjad thought his mother was guilty, he would not have risked his and his sister’s life by talking with the German journalists.

6-If Sajjad just wanted to “kick up a fuss”, he would have said his mother was guilty the minute he was arrested so he wouldn’t be tortured.

And even if every single one of mother/son’s parroted words were true (they’re not) – it wouldn’t take away the fact that the actual confessed murderer is on the street while his “alleged co-conspirator” and the man who pardoned him are both in jail.

Main Image

(Morteza Nikoubazl/Reuters)

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