How much money is WordPress making off mature spam/referrals to non mature WP blogs?

Jan 4, 2010

Why does WordPress allow any spam with any reference to any mature content to reach blogs that aren’t maximum rated? Why do they have blog ratings if WP bloggers can’t block mature content from ever reaching them? And why does WP continue to allow such filth to reach a blog that has paid to have all ads removed and has repeatedly pointed out the problem to them without resolutiion?

Because they make money off every single referrer/spam (even from known mature sites) on the blogs they falsely claim are “free”.

WP could put an end to it immediately – but they haven’t.

Proof they care more about the money they’re making off folks’ who aren’t even aware WP puts ads on their blogs.

To start, mature WP blogs should have a special designation so anything coming from them can be blocked from ever reaching people who want to see it. Nothing higher rated should be able to access a lower rated site for any reason.

Comment options:

  • Block all known adult WP blogs
  • Block all WP blogs with ads
  • Block specific names/emails
  • Block specific IPs
  • Block specific countries
  • Allow WP users with (whatever) ratings
  • Always allow

Referral options:

  • Block all adult sites
  • Block all known adult WP blogs
  • Block all WP blogs with ads
  • Block all known bogus referral sites
  • Block referrals with specific words
  • Allow only listed referrers

Spam options:

  • Block everything with a link of any sort
  • Block all adult sites (including you tube videos)
  • Block all known adult WP blogs
  • Block all WP blogs with ads
  • Block specific wesbites
  • Block specifc IPs
  • Block specific countries
  • Permanently block all IPs that were permanently deleted from spam folder.
  • Prevent anything marked as spam by Askinet to even appear on site.

Most troubling: odds are some of the links –which are very easy to accidentally hit when deleting individually– lead to child sites which are illegal in the US (and should be everywhere).

And if it makes it here – it just as easily makes it to the WordPress “free” blogs of minors.

Besides being wrong – it has to be against the law.

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